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get (one's) priorities straight

To focus one's attention, energy, or concern on that which is most and truly important, usually implying that one has not done so up to that point. After a month of drinking and partying and totally neglecting my studies, I realized that I needed to get my priorities straight if I wanted to graduate from college. John took a little time off from work to get his priorities straight.
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A common hashtag that accompanies social media posts of things deemed important. It is often used humorously. Which candidate has promised to lower taxes? #priorities I was already running late, but I still stopped for coffee because #priorities.

get your priˈorities right/straight

do or get things in the right order of importance: If you think enjoying yourself is more important, then you need to get your priorities straight.The country has got its priorities right — it has invested in industry to achieve economic success.
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The priority health condition analysis identified a number of limitations that must be addressed.
For most storage arrays, this configuration offers ample traffic shaping capability; high and low priority transactions may be split between the two virtual channels, with the high priority channel assigned greater bandwidth than the low priority channel.
General unsecured claims (including tax claims not entitled to priority status) may be paid over any period.
However, if an assessment of tax liability is made but the tax is not collected within 240 days, filing an offer in compromise thereafter will not revive the IRS's priority.
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said the interchange is a top priority, Mayor Richard Riordan said he wants the California Department of Transportation and the MTA to come up with a cost-effective solution, and an aide to Supervisor Michael D.
and Canada are eligible to become Priority Club members and receive Priority Club points when staying at any Holiday Inn hotel around the world.
In addition to the team's race schedule for 2007, the team will make several appearances at various Priority Health-sponsored events promoting wellness and encouraging healthy living throughout Michigan.
On adding classrooms to relieve overcrowding at the elementary schools, 1,181 rated it highest, 389 rated it intermediate priority, and 113 gave it lowest priority.
A CALLERS' PLUS Awards Catalog, including a list of the free merchandise, travel and long distance awards Priority customers can earn under CALLERS' PLUS, Sprint's frequent-caller award program.
Priority Health, one of the largest health plans in Michigan, will now provide health benefits to the nearly 3,000 employees of Borgess Health.
100,000,000 class A1-B second priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2042 'AAA';
240,000,000 Class A-2 Second Priority Senior Floating-Rate Notes Due April 2047 'AAA';
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has assigned an indicative rating of 'BB' to Delphi Corporation's (Delphi) $2 billion of 1st priority debtor-in-possession (DIP) credit facilities.
12,000,000 class X first priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2017 'AAA';
1,200,000,000 class A-1 first priority senior secured delayed draw floating-rate notes Due 2048 'AAA';
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