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In the middle of these cogitations, apprehensions, and reflections, it came into my thoughts one day that all this might be a mere chimera of my own, and that this foot might be the print of my own foot, when I came on shore from my boat: this cheered me up a little, too, and I began to persuade myself it was all a delusion; that it was nothing else but my own foot; and why might I not come that way from the boat, as well as I was going that way to the boat?
Encouraging myself, therefore, with the belief that this was nothing but the print of one of my own feet, and that I might be truly said to start at my own shadow, I began to go abroad again, and went to my country house to milk my flock: but to see with what fear I went forward, how often I looked behind me, how I was ready every now and then to lay down my basket and run for my life, it would have made any one have thought I was haunted with an evil conscience, or that I had been lately most terribly frightened; and so, indeed, I had.
Heliostar prints a variety of substrates from thin films to heavy paper.
After documents are defined, ADP prints the custom information on MetLife predesigned cover and text stock, binds the booklets and then distributes them.
Crucial fingerprint evidence linking the perpetrator to the victim must be right there, but, until recently, attempts to retrieve those prints rarely met with success.
MicroText(TM) Specialty Imaging Fonts prints text at point sizes smaller than 1 point, and GlossMark(TM) Specialty Imaging Fonts are seen only under certain light conditions.
Today, however, investigators can also rely on lip prints to identify possible suspects or to support evidence gained in specific investigations.
Best in class paper handling: prints up to 2880 sheets maximum
With software provider HumanEyes, HP is introducing the HP Indigo Lenticular 3D Application - a comprehensive system for short-run lenticular (3D) prints that enables digital printers to quickly enter new specialty markets with high profit potential.
Replacing the SELPHY CP400 model, these two new printers allow consumers to make beautiful 4 x 6-inch borderless postcard prints in approximately 58(4) seconds, which is considerably faster than previous models.
With the Canon FINE print head system, customers can get borderless photo lab quality prints amazingly quickly.
Leveraging the advantage of the company's patented FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print technology, Canon will use print times when producing photo lab-quality prints as a new print-speed performance benchmark for all new PIXMA desktop and all-in-one photo printers.
The 30R3 heat-transfer and hot-stamping machine prints up to 360 [degrees] on rounds from 1/4- to 5-in.