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New or unconventional-shaped products are printed directly using standard print stations and specially designed handling systems.
Then they complained the printers were too fast--there was so much material being printed that students couldn't find their print jobs.
In these financial and regulatory industries, materials age quickly and information changes, so print-on-demand is perfect for producing short runs of printed documents while driving highly personalized, customized interactions with customers.
In particular, she investigates the role of anonymous works in printed anthologies of Italian secular music in the sixteenth century.
The interface contains built-in reports showing how many pages each user or printer printed over specific time periods and the actual cost.
The text and layout of a book, for example, can be stored on disk and printed out as needed.
In the frenzy to get wired, has that old and humble form of communication that we know as the printed page become obsolete, a casualty of progress, a road kill flattened and shoved in the ditch by the juggernaut computer?
Analysis tracks print volume, types of documents printed, finishing features and other information to identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
Because the process is so well established, it boasts a stable cost structure and a surfeit of vendors willing to provide services that range from inexpensive, quick turnaround jobs to high-end printed products that use special inks, paper stocks, coatings, or other elements.
Authors, as many preliminaries reveal, depended upon patronage to pay the costs they incurred in having their work printed.
Printed image, which is printed in roll-to-roll form, is permanently transfered from the web onto container in a single pass through applied heat and pressure.
Toppan Printing Company America, a commercial printing company, and Yoon won for their "Fear" submission, a digitally printed book about various subjects that people fear, such as the future, loss and being judged.
Nearly 25 percent of the pages printed on high-speed digital color presses arrive via the Web.