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New or unconventional-shaped products are printed directly using standard print stations and specially designed handling systems.
Then they complained the printers were too fast--there was so much material being printed that students couldn't find their print jobs.
In these financial and regulatory industries, materials age quickly and information changes, so print-on-demand is perfect for producing short runs of printed documents while driving highly personalized, customized interactions with customers.
Reports can be customized and can be printed or exported to most accounting databases or billing systems.
Printed texts were nowhere near as suspect as has been suggested, and the printers' allegations of former errors, Richardson says, were made "not always, one suspects with hand on heart" (153).
And with recently developed "variable data" features, digital printers can change information such as addresses on every piece of mail as they are printed.
Davis says the rising demand for marketing and promotional materials, magazines, catalogs, directories and other printed pieces has increased the volume of the U.
The book was printed on the Xerox iGen3([R]) Digital Production Press with a Xerox FreeFlow([R]) DocuSP([R]) print server using Adobe InDesign software.
Printed image, which is printed in roll-to-roll form, is permanently transfered from the web onto container in a single pass through applied heat and pressure.
Nearly 25 percent of the pages printed on high-speed digital color presses arrive via the Web.
Users of a digital pen with Anoto Functionality are able to capture anything they write in ink on standard paper printed with the Anoto dot pattern, which is invisible to the eye but gives the paper a slightly off-white color.
Its stringent testing has confirmed that the C9600 is the only printer in its class able to accurately print the Anoto dot pattern at a specified resolution and specification, without distorting the pattern by overlaying graphical parts printed in color.
Young's presentation will include a case study on how the online editing capabilities of Pageflex software has helped MSP Digital Direct double the digital pages printed each month for a reseller co-op direct mail program for Action Systems, Inc.
Labels printed by gravure or screen using up to seven colors on special release papers and transferred to containers at speeds to 150 labels/min using special applying equipment.
With the emergence of PDF as the industry-standard for delivering high quality printed content, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are integrating the Adobe PDF Print Engine into a new generation of printing products.