print in

print something in something

1. to make block letters in a specific location on a paper. Please print your name in the box. Would you please print the information in the space provided?
2. to publish something in a publication. They printed my letter in today's paper. Her stories have been printed in several magazines.
See also: print
References in classic literature ?
At the same time, there always has been a steady sale of his books in England, and some of them never have been out of print in that country since the publication of 'Typee.
For a good many years, during the period in which our author remained in seclusion, much that appeared in print in America concerning Melville came from the pen of Mr.
He set up a little piece of poetry, which he made, himself, out of his own head -- three verses -- kind of sweet and saddish -- the name of it was, "Yes, crush, cold world, this breaking heart" -- and he left that all set up and ready to print in the paper, and didn't charge nothing for it.
It was first fixed in print in the "Cornhill Magazine", being my first appearance in a serial of any kind; and I have lived long enough to see it guyed most agreeably by Mr.
Having told how she disposed of her tales, Jo added, "And when I went to get my answer, the man said he liked them both, but didn't pay beginners, only let them print in his paper, and noticed the stories.
However, if you do add color to your spreadsheet and you typically print on a machine that can print in color, the output ways will be in color.