price up

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price something up

to raise the price of something. They have priced oranges up so high that I can't afford any. Why do they price up these common foods so high?
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In an economy as big as the United States, where transport does not play a big role, the BBM price ups and down will not have much impact nation wide including on the country's inflation, although locally the effects could be bad.
The jump in ticket price ups the show's weekly gross potential from $1 million to about $1,120,000.
Because of the wide spread of investments and the quality of the companies involved - such as M&S and BT - the funds are less prone to dramatic share price ups and downs.
Staples customers have the added benefit of receiving low price UPS counter rates, making all the holiday services available in one convenient place.
Working on a raised concrete set by Ultz that turns the stage into an imposing rectangular arena, actor Price ups the ante from his very first entrance as the adult Mal.