price down

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price something down

to lower the price of something. When they start pricing this stuff down at the end of the season, I'll come in and buy something. I hope to price down the merchandise soon.
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In the case of the Yaris there is pounds 500 off in addition to the pounds 2,000 scrappage discount, bringing the total discount to pounds 2,500 and the price down to just pounds 6,805.
Recovering oil production in Iraq appears to be a major factor in pushing oil price down, but daily output in Iraq, whose pipelines were extensively damaged during and after the war, remains at about 1.
FORD FOCUS: Two years free insurance on 3dr Focus Zetec for drivers aged 21+ years, until the end of May; Focus Studio with pounds 1,150 cashback taking the price down to pounds 10,000; free finance, subject to 35 per cent deposit, on most models.
To ensure the apartments do not fall into the purview of the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, along with its attendant regulations, owners may have to build more two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments and allow the sharing of apartments to keep the overall prices up and the per renter price down.
However, he's hoping for some catalyst of fear to scare the price down a few bucks further.
It's for anyone who would like to attend, but we did keep the price down so that the seniors could afford to come,'' Harper said.
Olin also argues that the labor dispute is creating uncertainty and dragging RTI's share price down to $1- $2 dollars (NYSE:RTI).
If Savia defaults on its loans, the lenders can sell off Seminis stock and drive the price down, the company warned in the filing.
The Trust strongly believes in protecting its excellent balance sheet to take advantage of opportunities that arise during commodity price down turns.
When shopping for clothes at discount outlets such as Ross Dress for Less, a scuff or snag on a shoe or sweater is usually all the excuse a floor manager needs to knock the item's price down a few dollars.
To believe that central banks and bullion banks have worked together for years to keep the gold price down no longer puts you on the fringe in the investment world," Murphy said.
Far from lapping up more shares, however, investors unloaded their stock en masse, pushing the price down $9.
Such practices may allow for market manipulation by selling non-existent shares of stock in an effort to force the price down.
A lot of other companies, when they see their company stock price down, they're buying it,'' he said.
4 million Foundation Health shares were traded, sending the stock's price down $1.