prevail against

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prevail against (someone or something)

To overcome and succeed against someone or something. I believe as strongly today as I did when I was younger that love will always prevail against hate in the long run. No one expected our team to prevail against the defending champions, but we found it in ourselves to win.
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prevail against someone or something

to win out over someone or something; to dominate someone or something. You will not prevail against me! I am sure that our team will prevail against the challengers.
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SIR - How wonderful to see Wales prevail against a very good and massively improved Scottish team in Edinburgh.
In the mixed, Malcolm Lightbown and Renton defeated Mark Tuttle and Terri-Lee Holmes in two sets - but Andy Wethereall and McGill could not prevail against Liz Holt and Darren Whitley.
In this evening's other match, Athletic Bilbao are 4-6 to prevail against Osasuna at the San Mames.
Spokesman for the army, "We prevail against the rebels for the last two days and progressing toward north.
Broad is not surprised to be confronted by questions about his team's capacity to prevail against spinners outside England.
Meanwhile, on the right side of the law, Detective Colin Anderson is struggling to prevail against a hierarchy that is holding back his promotion, and his colleague Prudence Costello is tentatively being brought back into the fold after five months spent recuperating from devastating injuries.
It's been almost impossible to win, to prevail against a bishop," canon lawyer Michael Dunnigan told Religion News Service.
30) was no match for Knight Pass last time out at Kempton but can prevail against somewhat weaker opposition.
Edelman was selected for "excellence in providing law enforcement and Marine heroes with the firearms needed to prevail against those who threaten both safety and freedom.
Should Higgins prevail against Jogia, the world No 60, he will face the winner of the match between Dave Harold and Danny Douane.
Monfils, seeded third, needed only one break to prevail against the big-serving Tsonga, the second seed.
Spike Milligan's celebrated war memoirs are told in the comedian's own words and fuse together comedy and jazz - showing how humour, music and comradeship enabled a hapless bunch of young men to prevail against the might of the Nazi war machine.
You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of evil will not prevail against it.
An extra place will be made available for a Welsh region in the elite tournament if the Blues can prevail against Jonny Wilkinson and his team mates in three weeks' time.
Using Spike's own words, the show joyously fuses comedy, song and dance - showing how humour, music and comradeship enabled a hapless bunch of young men to prevail against the armoured might of the Nazi War machine.