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press (one's) luck

To risk losing the good favor or fortune one has garnered thus far by brashly or overconfidently seeking more. I know you're in the boss's good graces now, but don't press your luck: she's been known to turn on people for getting too cocky. I've had some good winnings at blackjack, but I don't think I should press my luck any further.
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press the panic button

To overreact to a negative situation with an inordinate amount of fear, alarm, or confusion. If you're going to be a successful boss, you can't press the panic button every time your company has a minor setback. New parents tend to press the panic button over every little sniffle their first baby gets.
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press (someone's) buttons

1. To do things that create a very strong emotional reaction in someone, especially anger, irritation, or exasperation. I hate Dave's new boyfriend—he's always trying to press my buttons, and he's doing a good job of it! No one will be able to press your buttons like your children, but it's all a part of the adventure of parenthood.
2. To be sexually attractive or arousing to someone. Did you see that waitress over at the other table? Man, she presses my buttons.
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press the flesh

To meet, talk to, and shake hands with many different people. (Used especially in reference to a politician running for office.) There's no way you'll win the election if you aren't out pressing the flesh among your constituents.
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press the flesh

Shake hands and mingle with people, especially when running for public office. For example, The candidate went through the crowd, pressing the flesh. [1920s]
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press the flesh

COMMON To press the flesh means to talk to people in a crowd and shake their hands. She was out and about all over Galway, pressing the flesh. Note: This expression is often used about politicians, who do this when they are trying to get elected.
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press (or push or hit) the panic button

respond to a situation by panicking or taking emergency measures. informal
A panic button is a security device which can be used to raise the alarm in an emergency.
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press the panic button

See also: button, panic, press

press (the) flesh

tv. to shake hands. (see also flesh-presser.) He wanted to press the flesh, but I refused even to touch him.
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press the flesh

To shake hands and mingle with many people, especially while campaigning for public office.
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Most pressingly in the fourth quarter, Riyadi's star player Woods picked up what looked like a serious injury, just days before Riyadi are to play the first two games of the West Asian League final away at Jala'a in Syria.
As such, they set up a field of tensions and harmonies not only for the academic theologian trying to work out a theological anthropology, but also and more pressingly for Christians living in a society where these evolutionary stories are pervasive: explicitly so in popular scientific presentations, tacitly in fiction, film, theatre, and art.
Fuenmayor goes on to describe how Cepeda's mother (the "adored and feared" Sara Samudio, as Garcia Marquez calls her in his memoir), exasperated by the almost mythical mix-up, once told him pressingly, "You've got to straighten out this mess.
What advertising the industry undertook was influenced, most pressingly, by economic concerns.
The largest wargames in Israel's history were dubbed "Turning Point 4", simulating a series of scenarios that threaten Israel most pressingly, including mimicking a simultaneous attack of hundreds of rockets and RPGs from Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip.
We have come up against similar problems in other domains-most notably, in work on nanotechnology and gene transfer technology-but synthetic biology poses them especially sharply and pressingly," said Thomas H.
These were the first positive comments by Zanu-PF's political opponents and they sounded an encouraging note for some progress on the remainder of the obstacles standing in the way of Western nations' blessings and, more pressingly, reconstruction funding withheld until all conditions of the GPA are fulfilled.
Few matters are more pressingly important than the application to our social problems of such well established information in the realm of eugenics as we actually possess," was a typically restrained encomium.
Most pressingly, it asks what we might come to understand from the emulation of the labor of the street sleeper in the artist's highly focused, sustained, repetitious, and presumably solitary formalist enquiry.
The needs of so many people with little landmass are pressingly urgent, allowing little time for planning or care about the environment.
The issue of the Land of Israel has been a contentious matter for the whole of the twentieth century; it remains so, most pressingly, into the present time.
More pressingly, I also propose that the social engagements, the subsumptions and the inhibitions of others would deter any raconteur from the presumption of putting together any story that has for its transcendent theme the progress of one person to be recounted for the sake of registering picaresque progression as such.
More pressingly, however, she shows how the film's sustained implication of the body in the protagonist's search for a subjective identity is, ultimately, subverted by its conservative denouement, in which the materiality of the body is intriguingly effaced.
It is almost entirely through the discoveries made by [Branch] Societies, in their various districts, and their subsequent activity in the work of distribution, that the beneficent object of this Institution can be thoroughly effectuated, and the precious boon dispensed where it is most pressingly required.
And, most pressingly, how far are we responsible for the bad things that happen to us?