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and palm-presser
n. a politician. Being a flesh-presser is risky during flu season. A palm-presser came to our door to ask us what we thought about his issues.


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Equation (1) is used in the motor model to obtain the rotor angular speed [OMEGA], having the load torque calculated in the presser model.
Terence Pardoe, production director, said: "Our present part-time presser cannot keep up with the demand.
According to Presser, soot measurements from the field currently are compared with standard reference PM that is collected at specific EPA sites around the country and then characterized with various analytical instruments.
She described Presser as leading "the fight for equal pay as one of the government's new equal pay champions".
Available from Instron/Shore Instruments, Canton, Mass, the Shore S1 is said to provide accurate results simply by placing the presser foot on a sample and holding it for a dwell time that is adjustable from 1 to 99 sec.
The fascinating performances of Judith Turos (Rose), Kirill Melnikov (the Teacher), and Luca Masala (the Officer), as well as the marvelous playing of violinist Luis Michal and the State Orchestra under Andre Presser, earned enthusiastic applause.
It cited as authority the most recent Supreme Court pronouncement on the subject, Presser v.
Presser had been on leave from the presidency of the 1.
William Evans, who along with Theresa Presser and Katherine Pringle at the U.
We are thrilled with the quality and diversity of the limited partners that have committed to our second fund," said Stephen Presser, a partner at Monomoy Capital Partners.
PHILADELPHIA, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Presser Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of grantees for Advancement of Music.
This follows the firm s recent announcement of the appointments of Jim Douglas and Mitchell Presser, as well as London-based US capital markets partner Ash Qureshi earlier this year.
Arlynn Presser, a 51-year-old romance novelist and mother of two, followed up on her New Year resolution for 2011 to get over the anxiety disorder that triggered panic attacks in her.
Fabrics compression behavior is important for establishing the presser foot force as a sewing parameter.
Each room will have a 27" flat screen TV, complimentary high-speed internet access, two line telephones (one cordless) with dataport adaptor, cable TV with premium channels and on-demand movie service, electronic laptop size in-room safe, iron and board, Corby pants presser, honor mini bar, serving pantry with refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker, bathrobes, hair dryer, magnifying mirror and exquisite bath amenities.