pressed for money

*pressed for money

 and *pressed for cash; *pushed for cash; *pushed for money
Fig. needful of money; short of money. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) We are usually pushed for money at this time of year. I'm a little pressed for money just now.
See also: money, press
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He said: "It is coming at the worst possible time when people are pressed for money and when property prices are falling and a lot of people are in negative equity.
The reason - she will be hard pressed for money over the coming years.
If Lane Transit District is so hard pressed for money, why not start charging for the free EmX bus to Springfield?
However, as both the PA and Silverstein are still pressed for money to complete the reconstruction of the entire WTC site, the agency has asked its insurers for more than $1 billion in additional funds.
A recent survey conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide for Hearst Magazines found that although we are pressed for money and time, 23% of Americans would like to learn a new language," stated Michael Quinlan, president of Transparent Language.
Libeskind's lawsuit comes at a time when Silverstein is already pressed for money, having lost the first round in his battle with the insurers and secured only $3.