press together

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press something together

to use pressure to close or unite things. He pressed his lips together and would say no more. Why are his lips pressed together so tightly?
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She really wants him back but Rob is not interested in talking to her right now and that is certainly making things difficult for the plans on doing any press together for when 'Twilight' comes out.
Top with the other bread slice, and press together.
You can get all the press together, put on a tracksuit, try to pass the baton around and you'd understand the pressures and the accuracy which is needed.
End Run said he called the press together to "rub it in your face.
Use of Nitinol-based elements to press together the ends of resected tissue, enabling natural reconnection and healing after removing a section as part of a surgery.
1 : to press together from the opposite sides or parts of : compress
Two sheets are heated together with a gap between them, and then opposing mold halves above and below the sheets press together as vacuum pulls each sheet into the corresponding mold.
Simply print the badge, peel away the liner, and press together.
Close up tightly and press together well to help seal.
Each pouch measures 95 x 135mm and has an easy to use, water-resistant, press together seal ensuring products are kept safe and dry.
Harlem's New Negro elders and the press together manufactured a "star system" that advanced the New Negro project.
When a bee brushes them, they press together in a matter of seconds.
A method for producing hard elements from wood provides that at least one wood piece is inserted into a press together with a liquid absorbing material after which an isostatic pressure higher than 800 bar is applied on the wood piece and the liquid absorbing material, the pressure is released and the resulting hard element and the liquid absorbing material, which during the press operation has taken up liquid pressed out from the wood piece, are picked out from the press.
Mountains form when parts of the Earth's crust press together.
Under the Radar is designed to connect CEOs, technology executives, investors, analysts and press together with one ultimate goal: to get the deal done.