press the panic button

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press the panic button

To overreact to a negative situation with an inordinate amount of fear, alarm, or confusion. If you're going to be a successful boss, you can't press the panic button every time your company has a minor setback. New parents tend to press the panic button over every little sniffle their first baby gets.
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press (or push or hit) the panic button

respond to a situation by panicking or taking emergency measures. informal
A panic button is a security device which can be used to raise the alarm in an emergency.
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press/push the ˈpanic button

(British English) react in a sudden or an extreme way to something unexpected that has frightened you: Although the team lost yet another match on Saturday, their manager is refusing to press the panic button.
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press the panic button

See also: button, panic, press
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ENGLAND skipper David Beckham refused to press the panic button after the 2-0 defeat by Holland at White Hart Lane and insisted it was "a learning experience" ahead of the World Cup showdown with Germany next month.
Ray Graydon refused to press the panic button insisting: "It's a bad run but maybe not as bad as it seems because we've lost to Sunderland twice, Manchester City and Blackburn.
Don't press the panic button,'' counsels Ellen Vukovich, landscaper/partner at Chatsworth Nursery Center.
0 ARSENE WENGER has refused to press the panic button despite the growing gap between Arsenal and the Premier League pace-setters.
STEPHEN KENNY says he'll never press the panic button while in charge of Shamrock Rovers.
But Ferguson also refused to press the panic button and said that his team had the necessary experience to bounce back from two defeats in a row, The Sun reports.
We're all really disappointed with the way the season's started but I don't think it would do the club any favours to press the panic button.
I don't think anyone will press the panic button, because anyone who watched us at Leyton Orient must know it's only a matter of time before we click and have a successful season.
Asked if he was about to press the panic button Ponting said: 'It's getting close.
But Robinson has refused to press the panic button following the painful 18-17 loss to France 10 days ago, making just one enforced change by replacing broken-arm victim Phil Vickery with Bath prop Matt Stevens, who is handed his first international start.
But four days ahead of their match against England, who lost 11-9 to Wales at the weekend, Pelous does not want to press the panic button.
WOLVES boss Dave Jones refused to press the panic button after his team slid to their third pre-season defeat in a week.
PDON'T press the panic button - is Dennis Amiss joking (Mercury Sport, Dec 29)?
But, despite the problems now afflicting his former club, Schmeichel refuses to put the boot in and doesn't believe there is any reason to press the panic button ahead of Wednesday's Champions League clash with Bayer Leverkusen.
However, there is no need to press the panic button, we beat four good sides at the start of the season.