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I press the button even though I suspect it doesn't do anything.
There is a button and you can press the button and you share your food with a child that has nothing to eat.
Shortly after this, I observed a gentleman in a wheelchair being pushed across the crossing without stopping to press the button which was well within reach.
BJP in its complaint stated that while addressing people, Jogi asked them to press the button bearing 'Punja Chhap' - the Congress symbol of hand - on EVMs" District Election Officer LS Ken told PTI news agency.
In case of panic, a user will have to press the button and a message will be sent to the PCR and other contacts attached to the button," said a police officer explaining the software.
Press the button and pull back with your other hand.
The Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT makes it easy to prepare the best in specialty coffee beverages: simply turn the rotary dial to choose your coffee beverage, press the button and enjoy.
martin gibson Press The Button is on a very lenient handicap mark.
They found that patients with diabetes performed significantly worse at the test, suggesting that they struggled to control the impulse to press the button.
With this in mind, why is Solihull Council paying two lollipop people between Sheldon and the Radleys to press the button on pedestrian crossings then stand in the middle of the crossing while the light is on red.
Wins on Polly's Mark and We'll Come in two of the first three races meant that Ladbrokes refused to take any more bets on the jockey who then made it three on Press The Button.
Our competition, running in conjunction with demolishers Thompsons of Prudhoe, and developers Bellway Homes, will see one lucky winner press the button on the massive chimney at Elswick's Calders leadworks.
Press the button on the talking Schwarzenegger model and it says: ``All of the politicians are not anymore making the moves for the people but for special interests, and we have to stop that.
It's the kind of task children don't do as well as adults because there's a tendency to press the button again.
Trust director Dr Andy Tasker will take part in a short quiz, the winner of which will press the button for the start of the midweek draw.