press into

press (something) into (something)

To force someone or something into some space or crevice. The criminal pressed the hostages into a supply closet and locked the door. I pressed the part into the right slot, but the machine still didn't work.
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press something into something

 and press something in 
1. to force something into something, such as a mold. Now, you need to press the clay into the mold carefully. Now, hold the mold with one hand and press in the clay.
2. to force or drive something into the surface of something. You are standing on my chewing gum, and you have pressed it into the carpet! Don't press in the gum by standing on it.
See also: press
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Ultra-Graphics integrated the iGen3 press into its existing workflow without disrupting business.
In the label market, Omnius represents our first link with OEM strategic partners who intend to integrate the Omnius press into their label processing and converting equipment to offer the market fully integrated systems.