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preside at something

to manage or act as chair at a meeting or a ceremony. The mayor presided at the meeting, assuring that the speeches would be very short. She presided at the ceremony.
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preside over something

to be in control of the order and procedures of a meeting or ceremony. The vice president will have to preside over the next meeting. I will be glad to preside over the discussion.
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preside over

To have or exercise authority over something or someone; be in charge of something or someone: The vice president presided over the committee meeting because the president was absent.
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Base groups have Eucharist with a variety of presiders, with lots of co-presiders, or no presider at all.
After all, though most of the prayers of the Mass are actually spoken by the presider, he is always praying the common prayer of the church in the name of the gathered assembly.
We watched as four bridesmaids stretched a fringed white cloth over the heads of the bride and groom, making a kind of canopy-within-a-canopy They sprinkled sugar over the cloth, the crystals glistening in the late afternoon sun, as the presider asked the bride repeatedly for her consent to marry Again and again, she refused, until, at some moment known and understood by the witnesses, she happily consented and the rejoicing began anew.
The chapter on the sacramental presider is successful in situating this mode of Christ's presence within the entire matrix of relationships involved in the eucharistic celebration, because it reiterates the foundational principle that all these relationships flow from the life of the Trinity.
Belmahi a indique que la FRMC est honoree de voir Son Altesse Royale presider la ceremonie du coup d'envoi de ce 4eme Challenge, qui reunit des coureurs venant de pays arabes, africains, europeens et americains, se disant fier de la sollicitude royale, au moment oE le peuple marocain celebre le 10eme anniversaire de SAR le Prince Heritier Moulay El Hassan.
Hadi devait presider en soiree a Aden "une reunion de responsables militaires et de la securite pour faire le point sur la situation dans la region", oE des violences ont fait huit morts depuis jeudi, a-t-on appris dans l'entourage du president.
Keep in mind: The usual unspoken contract between presider and assembly (you'll be out in an hour) does not apply on this special night.
During the Great Thanksgiving, the presider prays over the bread and wine, recalling the mighty acts of God through the hundreds and thousands of years of creation history, asking God to bless the "creatures of bread and wine," so that those who take them can continue to act as God's agents, assisting to bring God's dream for all of creation to fruition.
Thomas Strieker, a presider for Living Beatitudes Community, said the community is making every effort to install safe church policies and safe environment training.
Hence, the Flood Prayer, with the possibility of the presider making the sign of the cross with his/her hand in the water of the font--and the amount of water is expected to be abundant.
Juxtaposed to the assembly, Kilmartin argues, is the presider, whose role of in persona ecclesiae, maintains the dialogical character of the Christian life.
Le ministre a visite, lors de son deplacement dans la wilaya, l'unite de fabrication de films plastique, les sieges de la Direction du commerce et du Centre national du registre du commerce, avant de presider une rencontre avec les operateurs economiques locaux.
Apres Charlotte Rampling en 2001 et Jeanne Moreau en 2002, Isabelle Huppert est la troisieme femme a presider le Jury Long Metrage du Festival de Marrakech.
Il a dit que Amman accueillera a la fin de mars r courant les eunions du de la commission supreme soudano- jordanienne, indiquant que le premier vice - president de la Republique sera presider le cote soudanais a ces reunions.
Le Maroc a ete elu a l'unanimite, pour presider l'organe subsidiaire du Comite Intergouvernemental de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel Immateriel, lors de la reunion conjointe de l'Organe subsidiaire et de l'Organe consultatif, qui s'est tenue les 4 et 5 avril au siege de l'UNESCO a Paris.