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preside at something

to manage or act as chair at a meeting or a ceremony. The mayor presided at the meeting, assuring that the speeches would be very short. She presided at the ceremony.
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preside over something

to be in control of the order and procedures of a meeting or ceremony. The vice president will have to preside over the next meeting. I will be glad to preside over the discussion.
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preside over

To have or exercise authority over something or someone; be in charge of something or someone: The vice president presided over the committee meeting because the president was absent.
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Au Royal complexe des sports equestres et Tbourida de Dar Essalam a Rabat, SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid a preside, le 22 decembre 2013, la finale de la 1ere edition de la Coupe du Trone 2013 des clubs en saut d'obstacles.
The university authorities have decided to ignore the separatists' call as Mukherjee is not the first President to preside over its convocation function.
And when we have this historic moment on Monday, when Congressman Langevin presides over the House, we will be in your debt as well.
Following attendance at the "Handling Capital Cases" course, the rule provides that a judge will remain qualified to preside over capital cases for three years, and may maintain that qualification by attending a "Capital Case Refresher" course during each following three-year period.
Indeed, the omission of any such exception can scarcely have been accidental, for the impeachment clause specifically provides that the Chief Justice, not the Vice President, presides when the President of the United States is impeached.
Il est a signaler que les forets avoisinantes au preside occupe de Melilia connaissent une pression croissante des flux migratoires illegaux provenant de la frontiere du Royaume avec l'Algerie.
A) The chief judge shall not assign a judge to preside over a capital case in which the state is seeking the death penalty, or collateral proceedings brought by a death row inmate, until that judge has become qualified to do so by:
He was unanimously appointed by the city commission to preside over the new court, becoming the first black judge in the South since the Reconstruction era, and presided over the court throughout the 1950s and the 1960s.
Nortel Networks (NYSE/TSE: NT) today announced Preside for Wireless Internet, a solution to speed time-to- service and time-to-profit for operators launching third generation (3G) Wireless Internet services.
Judge Farnan appointed Special Master Poppiti to preside over all discovery disputes in the case.
ISLAMABAD, July 21, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Ever since the dismissal of his government in 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to preside over his parliamentary partys meeting for the first time in parliament House today (Thursday).
19 to preside over a funeral for the seven victims.
14 /PRNewswire/ - Nortel Networks (NYSE/TSE: NT) today introduced Preside Policy Services, new software that will do for IP services what the web did for merchandising - provide a solid understanding of customer preferences; deliver tailored services specific to each customer; and leverage creative, new self-service tools.
Workman, CPCU, CPIW, the Society's 2005-2006 president who will also preside over the 62nd Annual Meeting and Seminars.
ISLAMABAD, July 19, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Ever since the dismissal of his government in 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to preside over his parliamentary partys meeting for the first time in parliament House on 21st July.