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preserve someone or something against something

to guard or protect someone or something against something. (Stilted or old-fashioned in reference to people.) I hope that the vaccine will preserve us against influenza. There is nothing in the jam to preserve it against spoilage.
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preserve someone or something from someone or something

to protect or guard someone or something from someone or something. Please help preserve our people from the attacks of our enemies. Is there any way to preserve my skin against the harmful rays of the sun?
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preserve something for someone or something

to save, maintain, or protect something for someone or some thing. Try to preserve some of these memories for your grandchildren. We learned how to preserve leaves for future reference.
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well preserved

Aging gracefully, still in good condition, as in I can't believe she's 65; she's certainly well preserved. [Mid-1800s]
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also pickled.) He drank a quart of vodka and is totally preserved.
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Vaccination cards should be so designed that mothers can tell easily by looking at them when to return for the remaining doses, and it should be easily preservable.
For all other women--those in the youngest age groups who don't have preservable embryos and for older women undergoing IVF--the study confirmed the appropriateness of the original recommendations, which are as follows:
For women under age 35 without preservable embryos, usually no more than three quality embryos should be transferred.
Music," says the conductor, "is not a preservable object," and if you "just understand it, you are not part of it.
The archives should ensure that records creators create and retain records which are authentic, reliable, and preservable.
For an excellent overview of an almost complete inventory of preservable Abelam artifacts, see Koch 1968; representative parts of the Basel Abelam collection are published in Hauser-Schaublin 1989.
What it enables you to do is take information presented on a daily basis and, in minutes, transform it into a professional and preservable presentation that can be viewed over and over.
In both cases, these activities are performed in a duplication process that succeeds when a preservable copy of the original is produced--confusing to the book conservator, whose application of these terms in book preservation represents treatment procedures meant to restore an item to its original state, rather than produce a copy.
The distinct preservable traces left by spionids may potentially provide a rich fossil record of parasitic interactions.