present to

present (something) to (one)

To formally or ceremoniously give or award something to one. They presented an award to him for his work in finding a cure for cancer. We'd like to present this commemorative plaque to you for all your years of hard work for the firm.
See also: present

present something to someone

 and present someone with something
to give something to someone, especially if done ceremoniously. They presented a watch to me when I retired. They presented me with a watch when I retired.
See also: present
References in classic literature ?
Santa now made a pretty speech in verse, congratulating Ozma on having a birthday, and asking every one present to drink to the health and happiness of their dearly beloved hostess.
By these pretences he obliged us to make a present to the value of about twenty pounds, with which he seemed to be pleased, and told us we had nothing to do but prepare to make our entry.
Waide, CDA, EFDA, was present to inaugurate the Week's activities.
PHOTO (1 -- 2 -- color) Above, Officer Lena Ruiz, left, secretary Lori Murphy and Deputy Paul Ullman deliver a candy cane and present to Destiny Sarran, 5.
The IRS's acquiescence has provided tax planners with little, if any, insight regarding what minimum criteria must be present to qualify remote beneficiaries as donees of present interests.
Culture will have a key role at TourismAfrica2006 enabling artists, experts and activists to present to the participants their skills and actions, thus stressing on the diversity, the dynamism and creativity of their respective countries.
Medtech Insight and Windhover Information have announced that nearly 30 early-stage medical technology companies are confirmed to present to date at their upcoming "Investment In Innovation (In3) WEST: A Preview of Early-Stage Medical Technology Companies" conference, being held Feb.
This large group of companies will present to a focused audience of senior executives representing most of the major investment and medical technology firms, for purposes of funding and/or strategic partnership.
Angels Provide Coaching Sessions for Startup Companies Seeking Funding; Winners Present to Investors at Competition
The companies, the majority presenting at an In3 event for the first time, will present to an audience of approximately 400 senior executives, representing the top investment and medical technology firms.
LI Invest has provided a great platform for local companies to present to the investment community," said Robert B.
Darrow, President of LI Invest, said, "For the first time on Long Island, an independent investor conference provided a forum for many of the region's leading public and private companies to present to the investment community.
Leading Biotech Firms Will Present to an International Investor Audience at the 2003 Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference Featuring BIO VentureForum East
It demonstrates that, unlike patients who present to the catheterization laboratory after several doses of enoxaparin where steady state anticoagulation might have been achieved, patients who present soon after administration of a single dose of subcutaneous enoxaparin may not have an adequate level of anticoagulation for safe PCI.