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ghostly presence

An unspecified yet palpable and typically somewhat sinister presence, attendance, or existence. Though the country had finally reached a period of peace, the ghostly presence of its violent past hung heavily on the minds of the citizens. The characters never discuss the absent father directly, but this very avoidance gives him a ghostly presence throughout the novel.
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make (one's) presence felt

To do something or act in a way makes a group of people aware of one's role, contributions, etc., in a particular situation. As the youngest CEO in the company's history, Mark knew he had to make his presence felt by introducing a few major policy changes. The small but vocal group has already made their presence felt in the most recent presidential election.
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in (one's) presence

With someone present and watching or supervising. You'll need to fill this form out in a police officer's presence.
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in the presence of (someone)

With someone present and watching or supervising. You'll need to fill this form out in the presence of a police officer.
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presence of mind

A sensible, cool-headed mentality that allows one to remain calm and make quick, intelligent decisions. Before fleeing the house, Margaret had the presence of mind to turn off the circuit breaker so that the electrical fire wouldn't spread as quickly. The board of directors was very impressed with the presence of mind Tom displayed during the Baker trial.
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grace someone or something with one's presence

Fig. to honor someone or something with one's presence. "How nice of you to grace us with your presence," Mr. Wilson told Mary sarcastically as she entered the classroom late. The banquet was graced with the presence of the governor.
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have the presence of mind to do something

Fig. to have the calmness and ability to act sensibly in an emergency or difficult situation. Jane had the presence of mind to phone the police when the child disappeared. The child had the presence of mind to write down the car's license-plate number.
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presence of mind

The ability to act sensibly, promptly, and appropriately, especially in a difficult situation or emergency. For example, Distraught about losing her wallet and passport, she had the presence of mind to notify the authorities at once . This idiom in effect says that one's mind is present and functioning. [Second half of 1600s]
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make your presence felt

If someone or something makes their presence felt, they do something that makes you notice them or pay attention to them. I was here, there and everywhere all day, making my presence felt. First of all, establish what areas of your body are making their presence felt.
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make your presence felt

have a strong and obvious effect on others or on a situation.
2004 Casino City Times Women are really now making their presence felt on the Internet.
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presence of mind

the ability to remain calm and take quick, sensible action when faced with difficulty or danger.
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in somebody’s ˈpresence


in the presence of somebody

with somebody in the same place: The document was signed in the presence of two witnesses.She asked them not to discuss the matter in her presence.
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make your ˈpresence felt

do something which makes people notice your importance, strength, abilities, etc: In the first half of the game the Turkish team really made their presence felt.The demonstrators made their presence felt by shouting and waving banners.
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ˌpresence of ˈmind

the ability to react quickly and stay calm in a difficult or dangerous situation: A little girl from Leeds showed remarkable presence of mind yesterday when she saved her brothers from a fire in their home.The boy had the presence of mind to switch off the gas.
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References in classic literature ?
The effect of his presence on me was so benignant, especially in those renewals of our old tete-a-tete wanderings, when he poured forth to me wonderful narratives of his professional experience, that more than once, when his talk turned on the psychological relations of disease, the thought crossed my mind that, if his stay with me were long enough, I might possibly bring myself to tell this man the secrets of my lot.
It happened that our family doctor was out on a holiday, an accident which made Meunier's presence in the house doubly welcome, and he apparently entered into the case with an interest which seemed so much stronger than the ordinary professional feeling, that one day when he had fallen into a long fit of silence after visiting her, I said to him -
After a minute or two, Meunier walked round to the other side of the bed where Bertha stood, and with his usual air of gentle politeness towards her begged her to leave the patient under our care--everything should be done for her--she was no longer in a state to be conscious of an affectionate presence.
If he had left that one open, hadn't he left this one closed, and wasn't he now in MOST immediate presence of some inconceivable occult activity?
It gloomed, it loomed, it was something, it was somebody, the prodigy of a personal presence.
He had been "sold," he inwardly moaned, stalking such game as this: the presence before him was a presence, the horror within him a horror, but the waste of his nights had been only grotesque and the success of his adventure an irony.
But in truth the calm of his manner, now that he was sitting down once more, wrapt her in the presence of something which she felt to be so strong, so mysterious, so incalculable, that she scarcely dared to attempt to intercept it by any word or question that she was able to frame.
Within a certain radius of her house the streets came under the influence of her presence.
That bugle-sound announces something which may require my presence.
I'll leave you, then,' said I; and I withdrew, and did not trouble him with my presence again that day, except for a minute or two at a time, just to see how he was and what he wanted.
My presence did not appear to agitate or irritate him as before, and he accepted my services quietly, without any bitter remarks: indeed, he scarcely spoke at all, except to make known his wants, and hardly then.
Let me hear from you soon, and I will write again to tell you how we get on; but now that my presence is tolerated, and even required, in the sick-room, I shall have but little time to spare between my husband and my son, - for I must not entirely neglect the latter: it would not do to keep him always with Rachel, and I dare not leave him for a moment with any of the other servants, or suffer him to be alone, lest he should meet them.
I had not known the deceased--I had never seen him--I was not aware of his presence at Old Welmingham--and I had not been in the vestry at the finding of the body.
Some instinct, deep in my heart, which I felt to be a true one, made the prospect of again entering her presence repulsive to me--I turned away from the square, and went straight back to the hotel.
She began to wish she had not come; her presence was not necessary.