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be prepared

1. To remain in a state of preparedness for any unexpected or uncertain occasion that may arise. Popularized by the Boy Scouts of America, who use the phrase as their motto. It's a good thing I always carry a spare bicycle tube when I cycle to work. Like the Boy Scouts say, always be prepared!
2. To always carry a prophylactic (condom) or other means of preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, should an unexpected sexual encounter arise. A euphemistic appropriation of the motto of the Boy Scouts of America, "Be prepared." When you begin dating someone new, you should always be prepared!
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Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,

 and Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Prov. You should have a positive attitude, but make sure you are ready for disaster. While my father was in the hospital after his heart attack, we hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. When you study for a major exam, hope for the best but expect the worst. Don't make yourself anxious worrying that it will be too difficult, but review as if you expect the exam to be extremely hard.
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If you want peace, (you must) prepare for war.

Prov. If a country is well armed, its opponents will be less likely to attack it. Wilbur was always arguing with those of his friends who believed in disarmament. "Getting rid of our weapons won't promote peace," he would say. "If you want peace, you must prepare for war."
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prepare someone for something

to build someone up for shocking news. I went in and had a talk with her to prepare her for the report. You should prepare yourself for the worst.
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prepare someone or something for something

to get someone or something ready for something. I prepared her for her trip by going over her itinerary. I prepared the garden for planting.
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prepare the ground for something

to make conditions ready for something to happen in the future These experiments prepared the ground for the development of sound-recording technology.
Usage notes: often used in a political context: Even if she is preparing the ground to run for governor, the senator will probably stay in the Senate.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of prepare the ground (to make land ready for planting crops)
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prepare the way (for somebody/something)

to create an opportunity for something to happen His comments prepared the way for the two organizations to work together. Her election prepared the way for me and others like me.
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prepare the ground

if you prepare the ground for an activity or a situation, you do something that will help it to happen (usually + for ) The leaders of both countries are preparing the ground for negotiations which may lead to peace.
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be prepared

To be willing (to do something): I am not prepared to defend him when I know he was wrong.
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Thus, for example, a corporate lawyer who prepares a purchase and sale agreement listing the amounts paid for various assets could be viewed as a tax return preparer because the "document" includes information that will be reflected on a tax return.
What continuing education courses in taxation has my preparer taken recently?
However, the primary stated concern is preparer misconduct, although that misconduct may be facilitated or demanded by the taxpayer.
Permit a tax return preparer to rely on a taxpayer's legal conclusions regarding federal tax issues that the tax return preparer had reason to believe the taxpayer was competent to provide.
Early in 2008, however, the IRS issued guidance that might prevent otherwise required disclosures in certain cases ff the preparer advised taxpayers about the differing standards and documented the discussions.
Choosing the tight tax preparer requires the same care one would use in choosing any professional.
As a procedural matter, TEI recommends that the assertion of any penalty based on an interpretation of the case law be supported by an opinion from a Department of Justice lawyer and a copy of the opinion should be provided to the taxpayer, preparer, or advisor prior to assessment of the penalty.
The best tax preparer is one who asks you questions.
Revenue Ruling 84-3 lists certain situations where a tax consultant can be considered a preparer and liable for penalties even when he or she merely reviews a return prepared by a taxpayer, checking it for substantive accuracy and mathematical mistakes.
The first issue addresses whether a return preparer is subject to an understatement penalty under IRC [section] 6694(b) if the tax return wasn't filed.
2/11/14), which held that the IRS does not have statutory authority to regulate tax return preparers, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen indicated that, while the IRS might look to Congress to give it authority to regulate return preparers, he was also considering a "voluntary certification" program.
A hearing was held by the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday regarding incompetent and unethical tax preparers.
The understatement penalty is not imposed if there is reasonable cause for the understatement and the tax return preparer acted in good faith (Sec.
Hiring a tax preparer that cannot be verified as one of those four professionals may prevent you from having legal recourse against fraud, as well as increase your chances for additional taxes, interest and fines.
If unable to find the answer to a question, users have the option to type their question and send it to local participating tax preparers whom will answer it for free within 48 hours.
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