prepare the ground for

prepare the ground for something

to make conditions ready for something to happen in the future These experiments prepared the ground for the development of sound-recording technology.
Usage notes: often used in a political context: Even if she is preparing the ground to run for governor, the senator will probably stay in the Senate.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of prepare the ground (to make land ready for planting crops)
See also: ground, prepare
References in classic literature ?
I think that it may prepare the ground for your next interview with Miss Haldin if I tell you of it.
The rectory took much notice of him about that time, and I believe the young ladies attempted to prepare the ground for his conversion.
The decision to invite Labour's interim leader Harriet Harman to a National Security Council briefing on the threat last week was seen as a further step to prepare the ground for a possible parliamentary vote to extend air strikes in the autumn.
I am confident that expert talks will prepare the ground for next meeting at political level, which is foreseen to take place still in April"," he noted.
According to Professor Dimitar Mircev, the situation should be resolved in three separate steps, the last one of which could be early parliamentary elections; Professor Mirjana Maleska believes the latest developments in the country showed the true face of a usurped and uncontrolled government; According to Professor Jove Kekenovski, the situation cannot be resolved overnight and it would take 6-12 months to prepare the ground for elections; while Professor Zidas Daskalovski says the wiretapping affair has demonstrated that the present political elites have no moral integrity and should be superseded by one ones.
Moreover, it can even help prepare the ground for routine studies on control, guiding and navigation systems as well as cameras and other space equipment.
Noting that the protocol should be signed by AEOI Chief Ali Akbar Salehi and Rosatom Director-General Sergey Kirienko once the two sides are through with preliminary stages, Kamalvandi said that he would pay a visit to Moscow soon to prepare the ground for the endorsement of the document.
Kuribrena is expected to discuss bilateral relations and regional and international developments with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoy-lu, in a bid to prepare the ground for Mexican President Enrique PeEa Nieto's visit in September.
Diggers move in at Cardiff Arms Park to prepare the ground for new artificial pitch | OK but they should be playing in a real league not the Rabo.
Jaganmohan Reddy, thereby shattering his hopes of coming out on bail and going to the people to prepare the ground for the 2014 general elections.
14:45 THE cabinet on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for the second round of offshore oil and gas exploration, authorising the trade and industry minister to prepare the ground for the official announcement.
The meetings discussed means of promoting the regional and economic cooperation through studying the basic principles for transit policies in order to prepare the ground for availing suitable legislations that would simplify international trade procedures and setting up efficient traffic systems to facilitate transit process to open new horizons for further economic and trade cooperation between these countries.
Ismail Haniyeh told reporters Wednesday that such allegations are lies meant to prepare the ground for future Israeli attacks on Gaza.
Ten 3M volunteers also put their backs into an afternoon's labouring to prepare the ground for the children to get planting.
Foreign secretaries will meet on May 20 to prepare the ground for talks between Mukherjee and Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.