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at a premium

at a high price; priced high because of something special. Sally bought the shoes at a premium because they were of very high quality. This new sports car sells at a premium because so many people want to buy it.
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place something at a premium

to force up the value of something so that its price is higher. The rapid changes in the market placed all the medical stocks at a premium. The goods had been placed at a premium by the changing market conditions.
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put a premium on something

to make something harder or more expensive to obtain or do. The recent action of the bank directors put a premium on new home loans. The scarcity of steel put a premium on the cost of new cars.
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put something at a premium

to make something available only at an extra cost or through extra effort. The scarcity of fresh vegetables at this time of year puts broccoli at a premium. The high demand for apples puts them at a premium.
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at a premium

1. not easy to get During the negotiations, sleep was at a premium.
Usage notes: usually said about something that is highly valued because it is hard to get
2. for a higher price It's possible to get a large apartment, but only at a premium.
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put a premium on something

also place a premium on something
to consider something important or valuable Busy shoppers put a premium on finding everything they need in one big store.
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at a premium

At a higher price than usual owing to scarcity; also, considered more valuable, held in high esteem. For example, Since that article came out, the firm's stock has been selling at a premium and Space is at a premium in most stores. This idiom uses premium in the sense of "bounty" or "bonus." [Mid-1800s] Also see put a premium on.
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put a premium on

Value more highly than usual, as in Her employer put a premium on honesty and hard work. First recorded in 1907, this term is almost always used figuratively.
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at a premium

More valuable than usual, as from scarcity: Fresh water was at a premium after the reservoir was contaminated.
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Until now, premium content publishers have had to depend on their own individual marketing efforts to promote their services," noted Cosentino, Congoo vice president/business development and formerly general manager of online business development at Advanstar.
Aside from the Federal income tax issues of these insurance arrangements, it is also important to understand that the premiums paid to a foreign insurer may be subject to Federal excise tax (FET) under Sec.
RCMD is one of numerous brokers who offer premium financing via AFCO Credit Corp.
For multiemployer-plan companies that have defined benefit plans, the flat-rate premiums increase from $2.
A good idea, but difficult for most publishers to implement since it's difficult to find good editorial materials to offer as a renewal premium that your subscribers haven't already seen.
The safest approach, however, is for CPAs to help clients develop an exit strategy they can implement before there is excess policy equity or before the insured's age and premium rates make the income and gift tax consequences prohibitive.
The balance of the premium is used to pay claims and earn investment income.
By offering a premium, credit card issuers can entice consumers to choose and then use their cards.
Employers commit premium fraud in a variety of ways.
The sharp increases in Medigap insurance premiums are a threatening prospect for many Americans,'' said Families USA executive director Ron Pollack.
Stolichnaya's Cristall, the first Russian super premium to step from behind the Iron Curtain in the 80s, is a highly refined vodka with a mist of pure and elegant flavor.
In the process, the disadvantaged fund becomes increasingly vulnerable to insolvency as its premium base declines.
The New York State Insurance Fund announced last week that these companies, as members of CIC Workers' Comp Safety Group, will share in the Group's first-year premium dividend totaling $1,033,110.
IGEL Technology, the world's fastest growing major thin client vendor, today announced that it has enhanced its Premium and Winestra product lines.
In essence, this allows prepayment of the estate tax from current assets, for the cost of a life insurance premium.