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prefix something to something

to place something at the beginning of a word or part of a word. If you prefix a re- to some verbs, you get an entirely different meaning. You can't prefix anything to some verbs.
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Price indexes for discontinued series grouped by industry according to NAICS have identifiers that begin with the prefix "ndu.
In the modified prefix adder, efficient ways to speed up the addition is achieved by computing group carry for each pair of input bits simultaneously and it is shown in Fig.
Hasan Sandila, telecoms analyst with IDC Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said the new prefix is an indication that business is good for du.
The cards are stacked in favour of the 03 prefix, and it makes good business sense to make the change, particularly when there is no need for it to be a straight cut-off of the old number.
For M88 detectors and ACADAs, use prefix Y14 and NSN 6665-01-438-6963.
Their customized campaigns have utilized the most recent technologies and we look forward to further integrating their campaigns on Prefix.
In the non-principal-diagnosis fields, if a diagnosis code is present, the corresponding prefix field will contain one of the following codes: Primary diagnosis (P), Associated Condition (A), Complication (C), and Morphology codes for neoplasms (M) (VDHS 2000; 2001).
9) Labial prefix in Noni, a Bantoid language spoken in Cameroon (Hyman 1981)
It is well-known that Old English (OE) and, more properly speaking, German (indicated as G) take ge-, a verbal prefix, for the past participle (indicated as PP) as a verbal inflection.
Prefix IT has announced the introduction of new functionality in PrefixNE V.
The prefix Fitz, as in Fitzgerald, is from the French, and was taken to Ireland by Normans who had lived in England.
LIAM DOWLING, famed for the Ballymac prefix, struck with a different prefix when Ashville K atie landed the E4,000 Murphys Irish Stout Open 525 at Youghal on Friday.
Britain's telecom industry regulator, Ofcom, is establishing "056" as a prefix for VoIP phone numbers.
A SMALL Bible college in the US is fighting to change its telephone number - because it has the prefix 666.