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preface something by something

to begin something by saying, writing, or reading something. I would like to preface my prepared remarks by making a personal observation. Her remarks were prefaced by the reading of a poem.
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preface something with something

to begin something with a particular message. She prefaced her speech with a recitation of one of her favorite poems. Alice prefaced her remarks with a few personal comments.
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References in classic literature ?
I think I'll do an article for one of the reviews, and then I can just print it afterwards as a preface.
Browning might say, as his wife said in an early preface, I never mistook pleasure for the final cause of poetry, nor leisure for the hour of the poet--as indeed he has himself said, to much the same effect, in a letter printed many years ago: I never pretended to offer such literature as should be a substitute for a cigar or a game at dominoes to an idle man.
One other quotation from the same Preface may serve to introduce a fact that my readers may think curious.
Indeed I have run into a preface, while I professed to write a dedication.
It is remarkable, also, as containing in its preface the germ of an idea, which has been since proved to have been correct by a strange chain of circumstances.
Nevelet, in the preface to the volume which we have described, points out that the Fables of Planudes could not be the work of Aesop, as they contain a reference in two places to "Holy monks," and give a verse from the Epistle of St.
And allow me to remark, by way of preface, that Mr.
In the Preface to Bleak House I remarked that I had never had so many readers.
More importantly, the authorial preface characterizes the dual function at the heart of writing literature for publication.
Contract award: dai sai 09/2014 framework agreement for services preface of static and dynamic stress tests on land bridges, including rental of trucks, signage, traffic control u.
This edition contains a new brief preface by the author, written in November 2012.
In addition to the release of "The Preface," Trips-N-Slim will soon release Parts 2 and 3 of their documentary, "Square Off," a gritty biographical account, that gives viewers an inside look at the rap duo.
On a first approach, the identification systems used in Lowth's preface to refer to the author and the intended readership focus on the third person, f'u'st person singular and first person plural: