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predispose someone or something to(ward) something

to make someone or something susceptible to something. Your comments will not predispose me toward a favorable treatment of your case. Do you think that this weather will predispose me to catching a cold?
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It can mask warning pain, weaken the tendon, and predispose the tendon to full rupture.
A novel result of these studies was that genes identified as contributors to drinking behavior in the tested populations were not the same as genes found to predispose to alcohol dependence.
That in turn might predispose a person to develop diabetes, she speculates.
In fact, influenza infection can predispose one to a more serious co-infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae or Staphylococcus aureus.
bioMerieux has signed a licensing agreement with Gen-Probe that gives Gen-Probe access to bioMerieux's intellectual property for detecting genetic mutations that predispose people to blood clotting disorders.
Rather, women with circulatory defects that predispose their blood vessels to become blocked face an elevated risk for both fetal loss and heart disease, the researchers hypothesize.
A small hippocampus may predispose a person to form intense, long-lasting emotional responses to sights, smells, and other stimuli associated with traumatic events, the scientists theorize.
The proposed trial will test the lotion on another group of patients with high rates of skin cancer - patients who have had a kidney transplant and as a result, are taking immunosuppressive drugs that predispose them to develop skin cancer caused by sun exposure.
Moreover, there has been some evidence that sexually transmitted infections and aberrant macrophage activity predispose men to prostate cancer.
Variations in a gene called ADAM33 may predispose a person to asthma.
Analysis of DNA from families whose women have been beset by uterine growths reveals a mutation that can predispose women to these so-called fibroids.
Missing some of this protein may predispose people to sinus problems.
Men from India are more likely than those in other large ethnic groups to have a condition that predisposes them to type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes, a U.
1) These authors hypothesize that the location of these primary tumors predisposes these patients to concentric scar formation.
How much of a leap is it to classify "persistent drug abusers" as suffering from a "mental abnormality" that predisposes them to commit "future acts of dangerousness"?