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predicate something (up)on something

to base something on something. There is no need to predicate my promotion upon the effectiveness of my secretary! You can hardly predicate the picnic on the weather, can you?
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The scientific basis for these four decisions include a failure to demonstrate that increased yields of harmful or potentially harmful constituents, higher levels of menthol, and/or the addition of new ingredients in the currently marketed products when compared to the predicate products do not raise different questions of public health.
Chapters four and five provide excellent treatments of property elimination (ostrich nominalism) and property reduction (for example, to predicates, concepts, classes, and so on).
We are strongly in favor of utilizing the predicate product in a way that promotes jobs and small business growth in the United States.
The WSJ said in the report that newer devices have functions and features that, over time, get less connected or less identical to their predicate devices.
rea beyond that necessary for the predicate acts, (13) and it provides
It avoided the widespread and debilitating uncertainty of the predicate act approach and generally led to more generous limitations periods than the relief-requested approach.
The subject and the predicate in Votic" by Heinike Heinsoo provides valuable information on Votic syntax, which, since it is written in English, is available to a much wider linguistic audience.
Salmon contends that predicate meanings are fixed semantically so that they express determinate properties.
Overall, locative constructions in signed languages have been characterized by the following features: the use of classifier predicates to locate referents; first-Ground-then-Figure ordering; and the use of simultaneous classifier predicate constructions to express the spatial relations between Figure and Ground referents.
The second sub-system, the Argument Prediction system, performs argument prediction based on the dependency relations previously annotated with the MaltParser (Nivre, 2003) and the predicate senses (the output of the Predicate Sense Identification module).
3) In short, horizontal relatedness is the requirement that there be an interrelationship between the crimes that form predicate offenses under RICO.
Opaque predicate creation is one of the biggest challenges obfuscator developers face.
Before you consider the evidence applicable to (insert compound charge/count), you must first consider the evidence applicable to (insert predicate charge/count).
The policy predicate -- and frankly the moral predicate -- for making those changes is fairly compelling.