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precious few

 and precious little
very few; very little. (Few for people or things that can be counted, and little for amounts.) We get precious few tourists here in the winter. There's precious little food in the house and there is no money.
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Time is money.

(My) time is valuable, so don't waste it. I can't afford to spend a lot of time standing here talking. Time is money, you know! People who keep saying time is money may be working too hard.
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precious few

Also, precious little. Very few, very little, as in There are precious few leaves left on the trees, or We have precious little fuel left. In these idioms precious serves as an intensive, a colloquial usage dating from the first half of the 1800s.
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time is money

One's time is a valuable commodity, as in I can't stay home and wait any longer; time is money, you know. This proverbial term goes back to one first recorded in 1572, time is precious, in a discourse on usury.
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precious little


precious few

If you say that there is precious little of something, you mean that there is very little of it, and that it would be better if there were more. The banks have had precious little to celebrate recently. Note: Precious few is used before plural nouns with the same meaning. Precious few homebuyers will notice any reduction in their monthly repayments.
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precious little (or few)

extremely little (or few).
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time is money

time is a valuable resource, therefore it's better to do things as quickly as possible. proverb
The present form of the expression seems to originate in a speech made by Benjamin Franklin in 1748 , but the sentiment is much older. The saying ‘the most costly outlay is time’ is attributed to the 5th-century BC Athenian orator and politician Antiphon.
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precious ˈfew/ˈlittle

(informal) very few/little: There are precious few places round here where you can get good Indian food.
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time is ˈmoney

(saying) time is valuable, and should not be wastedThis saying was first used by the American politician Benjamin Franklin in 1748.
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It's been a real treasure to find an agency that just 'gets it,'"says Preciously founder Carole Tessier.
This card integrates SIM and UIM, which had been preciously operated separately for different mobile services.
Many years later, a descendant in turn enjoys a magnum of Belle Epoque 1998, passed down through the generations, preciously stored in a private cellar in Perrier-Jouet for up to 100 years.
Albion boss Roberto Di Matteo gambled by selecting Odemwingie, after a preciously short spell for him to meet and get to know his teammates and their style of play.
Qualified cost-efficient leads are the commodity and must be valued preciously," said Gross.
Roger Johnson showed he was a trade-up on the creaking Radhi Jaidi, Gregory Vignal has the makings of a Julian Dicks/Pat van den Hauwe-lite and Barry Ferguson treated the ball as preciously as a gold ingot.
That is not an attempt to forecast the region's shivering climate with the festive period fast approaching, more an honest reflection on the state of the footballing nation after a derby game high on perspiration but preciously short on inspiration.
There was a young man here yesterday dressed head to toe in bright, dazzling green and with such preciously coiffured locks that he looked more like a footballer on a Pro-Am than a genuine prospect for a place among the world of golf's best field.
Nine months ago United came preciously close to claiming a Football Conference place when they led the play-off final 3-2 against Farsley only to concede twice late on to be pipped.
Tiger Tim was more like a pussycat the way he lost his third set to the foul-mouthed Mark Philippoussis and was preciously close to squandering the fourth as well.
Unfortunately, we will never know as the club rather preciously preferred to keep their pre-match music a secret.
Egg: The Arts Show'' is one of those programs on the arts that, by trying so darned hard to be preciously artsy in its own sense, ends up not conveying much information very coherently.
Celtic came preciously close to taking the lead on the half hour when Larsson played Jonathan Gould's clearance in to Burchill's path.
This will improve the company's prospects of, as stated before, achieving a positive cash flow without resorting to any further capital injection than preciously announced.
As we have reported preciously, we are on target to see the 2010 gross billings exceed $130 million in calendar year 2010," Bonar said.