Example is better than precept

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Example is better than precept.

Prov. You will teach people more effectively by being a good example than you will by telling them what to do. Mother never lectured us; she just tried her best to be a good person, and we tried hard to be like her. She was living proof that example is better than precept.
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Wise and holy men, the fathers of our religion, have expended their labors in clearing what was revealed from the obscurities of language, and the results of their experience and researches have been em bodied in the form of evangelical discipline That this discipline must be salutary, is evident from the view of the weakness of human nature that we have already taken; and that it may be profitable to us, and all who listen to its precepts and its liturgy, may God, in his infinite wisdom, grant
First, it is likely that before the rise of the Ionian epos there existed in Boeotia a purely popular and indigenous poetry of a crude form: it comprised, we may suppose, versified proverbs and precepts relating to life in general, agricultural maxims, weather-lore, and the like.
Tom Jones, on the other hand, was not only deficient in outward tokens of respect, often forgetting to pull off his hat, or to bow at his master's approach; but was altogether as unmindful both of his master's precepts and example.
He thought, indeed, that the different exuberancies of these gentlemen would correct their different imperfections; and that from both, especially with his assistance, the two lads would derive sufficient precepts of true religion and virtue.
Ah Ned, Ned, if you would but form your mind by such precepts, we should have but one common feeling on every subject that could possibly arise between us
I should quite blush for myself before this stupendous creature, if remembering his precepts, one might blush at anything.
On one occasion, indeed, he even went so far as to knock them both down a flight of stairs; but this was carrying out his virtuous precepts to an unusual extent.
rejoins Mr Brass, brim-full of moral precepts and love of virtue.
Warnings were sounded that the projected increase of 11 per cent in the Fire Authority precept may rise if local authorities are forced to find additional money to settle the firemen's strike.
In an ongoing effort to build up its roster of participating mortgage brokerage and mortgage banking companies, Precept has hired 18-year industry veteran Jonathan M.
PRECEPT CORPORATION, OAKLAND, CALIFORnia, has announced the completion of its mortgage origination system and has begun accepting deals.
Precept, a full-service employee benefit consulting and administration outsourcing firm, has hired Karen Reid as chief experience officer.
99% increase in the police precept will be considered by the Cleveland Police and Crime Panel on Tuesday.
For residents living in a typical Band D council tax property, that means the police precept from April will rise by 7% to PS181.
West Yorkshire chief fire officer Simon Pilling has Government approval to seek a precept increase of up to PS5 more from all taxpayers.