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*precedence over someone or something

the right to come before someone or something else; greater importance than someone or something else. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; be given ~.) Ambulances have precedence over regular cars at intersections. My manager's concerns take precedence over mine.
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While some have said this is a success story and the beginnings of a formal delineation of precedence for warrant officer ranks, a closer look indicates several inadequacies (similar to the inadequacies of Army Regulation (AR) 420-1).
COAt the same time it allows our distributor to concentrate on standard IT solutions into other market segments, whilst providing support and services to Precedence as it works with the UAECOs dynamic graphics market,CO he observed.
A precedence relation (shortly, a precedence) can be considered as a couple ([f.
In contrast to Kelley's past use of paint, usually subordinated to a larger conceptual whole, here he seems to have given in to the lure of pure painterly effects: richness and variety of color and an attention to surface quality taking precedence over any easily readable content.
In my view, the article is anti-Semitic in that it denies Israel the right to defend itself against the carnage perpetrated by the suicide bombers by implying that the rights of the Palestinians should take precedence.
Selling our interest back to the Port will allow the public interest to take precedence," Lowy said.
asked Sanger who noted that the report recommends the federal government maintain, clarify and strengthen current reservations and exclusions for social policy to "ensure these two worlds do not collide and domestic social policy priorities take precedence.
This one is about 'Customization', and consists of short interviews with several largely European architects followed by illustrations of some of their projects, where the graphic presentation is given some precedence over their relevance to the preceding text, or for that matter their legibility.
She adds, "During reproduction in the spring and summer, immune function may be compromised because (1) infection is less likely to be harmful due to less stressful conditions and (2) reproduction takes precedence during this time.
Chris Leone, vice president of product marketing for applications for Hyperion, said Performance Scorecard recognizes that the financial aspect of the scorecard too often takes precedence over other critical measure, like customer relationships.
But they allow their social, familial and professional obligations to take precedence over their marriage.
Their flagship product GASP sparked the rapid growth and set the precedence for accuracy, ease of use and comprehensive reporting for software management.
Tradition is fine, usually even admirable, except when it takes precedence over common sense or any sense at all.
We believe our highest obligations are to our families and communities, that morality is based on how our actions affect others, that deeds are more important than creeds, and that compassion takes precedence over dogma.
The bill would establish precedence for administrative appeals, so that providers would have an affirmative defense in appeals in which the providers had already gone through similar appeals.