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preach to deaf ears

To present arguments to or attempt to persuade or advise those who have no inclination to change their opinion or belief. You're preaching to deaf ears if you think you can convince these kids to stay away from alcohol before they turn 21. Even though they know they're preaching to deaf ears, the hate group makes a point of holding protests outside churches and the funerals of slain soldiers.
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Practice what you preach.

Prov. Cliché You yourself should do the things you advise other people to do. Dad always told us we should only watch an hour of television every day, but we all knew he didn't practice what he preached.
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preach about something

to give a moral or stern discourse on something. Please don't preach about the evils of fried food. I like the stuff, and people eat it all the time and don't die! She was preaching about the value of a fat-free diet.
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preach against someone or something

to exhort against someone or something. The evangelist preached against the operator of the town's only saloon. The principal kept preaching against drinking and drugs.
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preach at someone

to lecture or moralize at someone. Don't preach at me! I don't need any of your moralizing. I really don't wish to be preached at.
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preach to someone

to give a moral discourse to someone. Please don't preach to me. I know that I did wrong. When you preach to us like that, we don't pay any attention to you.
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preach to the choir

 and preach to the converted
Fig. to make one's case primarily to one's supporters; to make one's case only to those people who are present or who are already friendly to the issues. There is no need to convince us of the value of hard work. We already know that. You are just preaching to the choir. Don't waste your time telling us about the problem. That's preaching to the choir. Bob found himself preaching to the converted when he was telling Jane the advantages of living in the suburbs. She already hates city life.
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preach to the choir

to talk about something with a group of people who already agree with you preach to the converted I realized that all I was doing was preaching to the choir - the men who really need to hear about this don't come to these groups.
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preach to the converted

to talk about something with a group of people who already agree with you preach to the choir Many websites seem to only preach to the converted, but others attract all sorts of people.
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practice what you preach

to behave the way you tell other people to behave Other countries need to see that we practice what we preach when it comes to human rights. I practice what I preach in that I exercise almost every day.
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practise what you preach

  (British & Australian) also practice what you preach (American)
to do what you advise other people to do I would have more respect for him if he practised what he preaches.
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preach to the converted

to try to persuade people to believe things they already believe (usually in continuous tenses) There's no need to tell us about the benefits of recycling. You're preaching to the converted.
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practice what you preach

Behave as you would have others behave, as in You keep telling us to clean up, but I wish you'd practice what you preach. This idiom expresses an ancient idea but appeared in this precise form only in 1678. Also see do as I say.
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preach to the converted

Try to convince someone who is already convinced, as in Why tell me smoking is bad when I gave it up years ago? You're preaching to the converted. [Mid-1800s]
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preach to the

To argue in favor of a viewpoint already held by one's audience.
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In just one year my preaching life has taken me to a conference in India, a United Church presbytery in Yellowknife, and an historic Methodist pulpit in Bermuda.
in Liturgical Studies from Drew University with a concentration in preaching.
He said that women engaged in any form of preaching is out of the question.
On the video, Comfort, a seasoned evangelist and TV host, teaches the family how to follow in the footsteps of the great evangelists of the past by preaching the gospel in the open air.
Canon law does not support the practice of lay preaching at the homily during Mass," Flynn said.
Then, Tizon utilizes the bulk of the book to explore thought-fully seven goals for preaching that rise out of this missional commitment--inculturation, alternative community, holistic transformation, justice and reconciliation, whole-life stewardship, life and peace, and the scandal of Jesus.
Thus, a study of African-American preaching would be foundational to an understanding of the experience and influence of African Americans.
As a preacher she shows penetrating insight into the real limitations preachers face, given the dynamics of the preaching situations--what people expect to hear, what they will or will not endure, what will actually make a difference.
Although Edwards argues that Luther's preaching changed the history of preaching forever, it is not entirely clear what new innovations Luther brought to the practice of preaching, except of course that a sacramental-like sermon replaced the Eucharist as the center of the liturgy.
When I am a guest preacher, I have less trouble preaching more directly.
Paul's letters, preaching and the theology of baptism.
Associate professor of homiletics Father Guerric DeBona, OSB presents Fulfilled in Our Hearing: History and Method of Christian Preaching questions what today's preacher can learn from past practice, and what needs to be adapted so that a preacher can become an authentic, prophetic voice.
Even at the age of 87, one of America's most renowned theologians, scholars and preachers is in high demand--traveling extensively to conferences and preaching almost every Sunday.
After devoting seventeen years to running a mission and orphanage in New Orleans, Morgan began to paint in response to what she perceived to be a divine calling to use art as a preaching tool.