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Coach Kennedy says he will pray after the homecoming game regardless of the school district's response.
For the past 15 years I've been attempting to figure out how to pray.
I pray the coffee that cools on the stove is not the only reason to
Then I am going into the city centre to listen to people's hopes and fears and ask them what they would want me to pray for.
I PRAY for world peace - otherwise known as George Bush being incarcerated in a padded cell.
church service in Korean at West Hills Presbyterian Church to pray for the people of North Korea.
Let us pray that as the days ahead unfold, we may be prepared to own the faults that are ours and to forgive the faults of others.
Please pray that God will make us zealous in our faith, so that we may carry on the work which you began with so much suffering.
And do you mind if I ask what exactly you pray for?
At the end of each year, Pray and his cop leagues asked each family how many times it had sprayed pesticides on its fields and whether anyone in the household had developed certain types of illness.
Pilgrims, who had been queueing from as early as 0300 BST, knelt at the tomb to pray.
Pray that God will give us leaders who can voice the conscience of our nation; and that their words inspire and motivate the whole nation to greatness.
Decisions about when and how to pray should be made by Americans without interference from the government.
When my mobile rings in the middle of our interview to tell me that my brother is just going into theatre for an operation, it seems quite natural to ask if we can pray for him.
Archbishop Vincent Nichols also asked the congregation at St Chad's Cathedral to pray and fast for peace in the Middle East.