prattle about

prattle (away) about someone or something

to chatter idly and endlessly about someone or something. The little girl prattled away for an hour about her school, her friends, and her toys. I wish you would stop prattling about your friends.
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Its bosses will now prattle about "centres of world class e x c e l -lence" and "competition in a global market".
And the buffoon could only prattle about shooting strikers and running trains over dead bodies and God was much troubled.
Continuity of selection is an admirable trait but this is no time for ideological prattle about building squads, investing in the future, blah, blah, blah.
There's an eerie continuity that runs from Moynihan's absurd prattle about the need to inculcate discipline among the poor, to Wilson's focus on social pathology, to Klein's ugly rant against poor people's supposed lack of "restraint.