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prattle (away) about someone or something

to chatter idly and endlessly about someone or something. The little girl prattled away for an hour about her school, her friends, and her toys. I wish you would stop prattling about your friends.
References in classic literature ?
You have lulled your conscience to sleep with prattle of sweet ideals and dear moralities.
The pompous vanity of the old schoolmistress, the foolish good-humour of her sister, the silly chat and scandal of the elder girls, and the frigid correctness of the governesses equally annoyed her; and she had no soft maternal heart, this unlucky girl, otherwise the prattle and talk of the younger children, with whose care she was chiefly intrusted, might have soothed and interested her; but she lived among them two years, and not one was sorry that she went away.
Vronsky heard with pleasure this light-hearted prattle of a pretty woman, agreed with her, gave her half-joking counsel, and altogether dropped at once into the tone habitual to him in talking to such women.
After that, till the gharry stopped and he jumped out without leave-taking, he swore to him self steadily, horribly; muttering great, purpose ful, trooper oaths, to which the worst a sailor can do is like the prattle of a child.
They were pleased to be familiar with me, and like my little prattle to them, which, it seems, was agreeable enough to them, and they gave me money too.
Slow steps began ascending the stairs; the prattle of a sweet little voice mingled with the noise they made; and the prison-keeper appeared carrying his daughter, three or four years old, and a basket.
Stelling liked her prattle immensely, and they were on the best terms.
Then the big pipes are filled and lighted, and the pleasant chat goes round in musical undertone; while, in the pauses of our talk, the river, playing round the boat, prattles strange old tales and secrets, sings low the old child's song that it has sung so many thousand years - will sing so many thousand years to come, before its voice grows harsh and old - a song that we, who have learnt to love its changing face, who have so often nestled on its yielding bosom, think, somehow, we understand, though we could not tell you in mere words the story that we listen to.
Mr Loucas Charalambous and his bewildering prattle on the President's withdrawal from the peace talks is akin to watching a spoilt child throw tantrums because he/she cannot have their own way.
We prattle on about Villagers as much as our esteemed pal Rigsy (see page 12) but, well, they're good for it.
It's not so much the actual television matches that I hate, it is the three hour run-up to them and then the three hours afterwards with ex-footballers dissecting every cross, dribble, free kick, penalty, offside, inside leg and whatever else they prattle on about.
And because of freedom, the religionists, the environmentalists, and the anti-capitalists are still free to prattle.
SIR - So Bob Trueman thinks that party conferences are endless prattle and wind farms are a complete waste of money (Letters, Oct 3).
But instead of looking at ways to do that they prattle on about wind turbines, green taxes, Lords reform, levies on plastic bags and changes to the voting system.
I WOULD much prefer to rewind Ray Wilkins and watch him play as opposed to listening to him prattle.