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Weinshall praised the many people affiliated with the project.
praised Doornink's work implementing a global Operations Center at Fort Eustis in the latter part of 2001.
61) While praise for the active life is usually seen as a particularly republican sentiment, the same ideals of marriage and the active life were praised in courts.
Not unexpectedly, many liberal contemporary reviewers praised Chesnutt for his portrayal of African American characters, a portrayal that introduced such characters to a white reading audience that encountered their models infrequently and often not under the best of circumstances.
In a statement, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) also praised the program, saying she could think of "no better way" to celebrate AMERICAN FORESTS' 125th anniversary than by launching Wildfire ReLeaf.
Lovendusky said the sessions demonstrated "close involvement of the commissioners" in addressing critical issues, and he praised the opportunity for 15 trade groups to present a uniform position via the NAIC Industry Liaison Committee on privacy issues.
A general praise statement was defined as a teacher-delivered verbal statement that contained a "praise" word but did not specify the behavior being praised (e.
The audio guide was highlighted but judges also praised staff who were on hand to offer extra insights into the life and history of the ship.
1 : to express approval of <Dad praised my good grades.
They also praised the system in which younger children are taught either geography, personal social and health education, science or citizenship in French.
Piranian, part of the Armenian evangelical congregation, praised the beauty of gathering Sunday with their Protestant ``American brothers'' in a joint, bilingual ceremony, during which music and praise for God transcended culture and language.
Dunwoody praised Gitto's tenure with the 599th which included critical global distribution associated with Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Mueller and Dweck (1998) found strong evidence for the differential effects of ability- and effort-based praise on children's achievement behaviors and reported attributions, with children praised for ability showing less task persistence, less task enjoyment, and poorer task performance.
Is the program praised because it emphasises our simple capability to choose?
And whether as promotional propaganda for the arts or as expose - because the treatise both praised and castigated the professions - the Piazza universale was enormously popular.