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pox on someone or something

Fig. A curse on someone or something! (Old. Now usually jocular.) A pox on you, you creep! I've been trying to make this computer work all day. A pox on it!
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An atypical fowl pox outbreak in broilers in southern Brazil.
SURVIVOR: Above and left, 'Clark', the super red squirrel that survived the squirrel pox
Whilst a range of species are known to be susceptible to the avian pox virus, the cases of infection in tits are not typical of the type of avian pox we are used to seeing, because the lesions are particularly large," he said.
The examination of how such beliefs emerged from the social nexus of Renaissance society is characteristic of The Great Pox.
It's good to know that we now have a pretty good handle on this situation and have some control strategies ready, if plum pox hits our orchards," Scorza says.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Chicken Pox.
Last year we had over 100 and we lost the majority of them through the pox.
Since Plum Pox Virus was first detected more than a decade ago, the department has been committed to eradicating the disease and minimizing its impact on growers' livelihoods and the state's economy," said Greig.
On the morning of October 27, 2007 Dr Pox set off on his usual 8am journey to work but failed to show up at his surgery.
One is the pox virus, Poxvirus avium, which according to Jen Koop, a University of Utah doctoral candidate, "creates lesions on non-feathered parts of a bird - around the bill, eyes, legs and feet.
The presence of internal lesions in the crop of one bird and the trachea and bronchi in another were consistent with the wet or diphtheritic pox form.
THE first case of squirrel pox virus has been confirmed in Blundellsands.
SQUIRREL Pox has now killed up to 90% of red squirrels in Merseyside's famous reserve.
A RED SQUIRREL has been found with the deadly squirrel pox virus during routine monitoring of the population at Anglesey's Pentraeth Forest.
If you first get chicken pox as an adult, you are likely to become a lot more ill than if you hadn't caught it while young.