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Segment - Powered Tables and Non-Powered Tables Markets
We're very excited to incorporate Ballard's innovative Nexa RM Series into our new online Pulsar EX RT which marks our second generation of fuel cell powered UPSs," stated Jack Pouchet, director of marketing for MGE UPS SYSTEMS INC.
Powered by a customized version of POWER 4-5-6 Plus -- the industry's most comprehensive design software -- ON Power Designer enables successful first-pass design of complete power supplies for systems that support input levels of 85 V to 260 V.
the technology leader in providing unsurpassed power protection solutions to computer data centers, telecommunications and industrial operations, and Ballard Power Systems, the world leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology, celebrated the official launch of field trials for MGE's Evolution Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) powered by Ballard's Nexa(R) RM Series fuel cell modules.
Once a MobileWise-enabled device is placed anywhere on the Wire-Free-Electricity Base, it will be powered and charged, as if it is plugged to an electric outlet.
These products will have a considerably lower environmental impact than today's diesel powered generators and have the same or greater power output at a lower cost.
The electric arc furnaces are powered by three large oil-fired steam turbine generators that each produce 65 Megawatts of power.