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They claimed exemption from the mandates of human authority, as militating with their subjection to a superior power.
None of these indispensably necessary powers were ever conferred by the State Legislatures upon the Congress of the federation; and well was it that they never were.
A convention of delegates from the State Legislatures, independent of the Congress itself, was the expedient which presented itself for effecting the purpose, and an augmentation of the powers of Congress for the regulation of commerce, as the object for which this assembly was to be convened.
It was attended by delegates from only five of the central States, who, on comparing their restricted powers with the glaring and universally acknowledged defects of the Confederation, reported only a recommendation for the assemblage of another convention of delegates to meet at Philadelphia, in May, 1787, from all the States, and with enlarged powers.
It is your peculiar privilege to commemorate, in this birthday of your nation, an event ascertained in its minutest details; an event of which the principal actors are known to you familiarly, as if belonging to your own age; an event of a magnitude before which imagination shrinks at the imperfection of her powers.
The settlers of all the former European colonies had contented themselves with the powers conferred upon them by their respective charters, without looking beyond the seal of the royal parchment for the measure of their rights and the rule of their duties.
By their voluntary association they recognized their allegiance to the government of Britain, and in process of time received whatever powers and authorities could be conferred upon them by a charter from their sovereign.
The destinies of their empire, as they appear in prospect before us, disdain the powers of human calculation.
Prominent active and upcoming renewable power plants for renewable technologies for each of the countries covered
Make strategic decisions based on strong historical and forecast data to identify key markets and growth opportunities for the south and central America renewable power markets
In a classic study, first published in 1974, the political philosopher Steven Lukes identified three different views of power used in political analysis.
Historians generally have shown limited interest in such abstract speculations on power.
By law, the power of attorney is accepted on its face, however, standard title underwriting practices in the industry delve further into the legitimacy of the power and the intent behind it.
Even with its own power plant, a college or university may sometimes need to draw from the external grid to supplement its own needs.
where R(V) = V/P = the responsivity of the detector at an output of V, which is the voltage or reading of the power meter, at the input power or energy of P, R([V.