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Speaking so, the historians of culture involuntarily contradict themselves, and show that the new force they have devised does not account for what happens in history, and that history can only be explained by introducing a power which they apparently do not recognize.
In the preceding inquiries the powers of the convention have been analyzed and tried with the same rigor, and by the same rules, as if they had been real and final powers for the establishment of a Constitution for the United States.
The sum of what has been here advanced and proved is, that the charge against the convention of exceeding their powers, except in one instance little urged by the objectors, has no foundation to support it; that if they had exceeded their powers, they were not only warranted, but required, as the confidential servants of their country, by the circumstances in which they were placed, to exercise the liberty which they assume; and that finally, if they had violated both their powers and their obligations, in proposing a Constitution, this ought nevertheless to be embraced, if it be calculated to accomplish the views and happiness of the people of America.
Is there not a manifest inconsistency in devolving upon the federal government the care of the general defense, and leaving in the State governments the EFFECTIVE powers by which it is to be provided for?
A government, the constitution of which renders it unfit to be trusted with all the powers which a free people ought to delegate to any government, would be an unsafe and improper depositary of the NATIONAL INTERESTS.
IBM has announced a research program to develop technologies that could help solve continually escalating power consumption issues and help reduce cooling and power supply costs for IT infrastructures.
As California tries to get ifs power industry back on its feet, environmentalists say the state's burgeoning retail green power market (which was the largest in the nation) may be the biggest loser next to consumers.
On March 13, 1989, Hydro Quebec, which supplies most of Quebec's electricity, could not stabilize the power surges its distribution grid was receiving, resulting in a nine-hour blackout for 6 million residents throughout the province.
The presence of dirty power is just as widespread in a factory environment as in an office building.
In response, building owners and managers are placing an increasing emphasis on power planning to achieve high-quality power and stand-by capability in the event of a utility power loss.