pour over

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pore over (something)

To examine, study, or read with intense, careful attention. She spent hours poring over the text, searching for a clue that might help solve the case. I had to pore over the contract to find who is liable in such a situation.
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pour (all) over someone or something

to flood over someone or something. (Compare this with pore over something.) The water from the broken dam poured all over the rocks standing at its base. The spilled milk poured over my lap.
See also: over, pour

pour something over someone or something

to cover or douse someone or something with something. As I poured the cooling water over myself, I felt relaxed for the first time since I began the long hike. Mary poured some milk over her cereal.
See also: over, pour
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From 17 years of single cup pour over success, she emphasized that those coffee house owners discovering pour-over drip need to "get real" in replacing their snobby and uncompromising quality preparation technique.
At Java House, I train to use one-third level scoop of coffee for each pour over cup.
With no brewers, and a long line of pour overs, her baristas serve eight coffees a day, including four house blends, organic, decaf and rotating origin coffees.
You have to have a highly trained and dedicated person on pour overs with a singular focus on perfect preparation and quick and engaging conversation," said Tara.
To properly make a pour over, water is poured over the grounds in a swirling motion.
Beat the mix together, add salt and pepper to your taste then pour over the bread and onions.