pound down

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pound something down

to hammer, flatten, or batter something. Please pound that nail down so that no one gets hurt on it. Yes, please pound down that nail!
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4810 - German ZEW Report on Tuesday • British Pound Down as Traders Bet on Expansion of Quantitative Easing • Commodity Dollars Continue to Dominate on Building Risk AppetiteUS Dollar, Japanese Yen Pull Back as Equities Rise in Low Volume Holiday Trading On Monday, the US dollar and Japanese yen retraced much of their gains from last Friday, while US equities and commodities rose amidst light trading volumes on the US Columbus Day holiday.
Put just one pound down and thanks to a new free seven-day insurance scheme you can drive away immediately in a comfortable new car.
The government needs to begin talking up the euro to bring the value of the pound down to a level that will enable manufactures to compete in Europe.
In the short run, we will be unable to get our interest rates and the sky-high value of the pound down to reasonable levels.
When the ``TOLOGS'' of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy pound down their athletic field this fall, they might be praying for a goal and in the same breath thanking the school's many donors for their new field, the first in 67 years.
Black women need to pound down the doors every week.
The US dollar continued to attract the risk-averse, with the pound down slightly at 1.
4700 as German Trade Surplus Narrows Eoe1/4Ao British Pound Down Despite Improvement in UK Trade Deficit, Rise in Producer Prices Eoe1/4Ao.
The sliding euro has pulled the value of the Irish pound down against sterling which is outside the EU single currency.
That would bring the pound down, and exports up, was the refrain.
some horses run more smoothly at a faster gait and can pound down that distance in six seconds and small change.
But the announcements did move the currency markets, as the euro followed the pound down after the ECB gave no indication a second rates hike was imminent.
Today's downbeat retail sales also put pressure on sterling, with the pound down to 1.
Summary: - Euro Mixed as Euro-zone Trade Surplus Expands - British Pound Down as Forecasts Show UK GDP May Have Fallen by Record in Q2 from a Year Ago - Canadian.
The Bank of England's monetary committee has awarded itself the job of massaging the pound down from its present unwelcome pinnacle - unwelcome to everyone not going on a foreign holiday, that is.