pound away

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pound away (at someone or something)

to hammer or batter constantly on someone or something. The cops pounded away at the poor guy, and then they put him in handcuffs. The jackhammer kept pounding away at the pavement.
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Clearly the market is worth scrutinising as to the chances or otherwise of the newcomers, but Pound Away would appear to hold the strongest claims of those that have already raced.
Canada, and Europe continue to pound away at the ecological cost of raising salmon in coastal ocean waters.
The 450:1 reduction, fitted with special breathers to better suit the sculpture's outside workspace, has been helping Jonathan Borofsky's 1991 homage to workers everywhere pound away at his forge since the statue was raised.
That was the signal for Tondu to pound away at the visitors for long periods using the forwards to punch hard into the Bedwas defence.
shoreline is eroding, or wearing away, as hurricanes, winter storms, rising ocean levels, and building development pound away at the coast.
Besides the educational establishment, which is the heart of the anti-culture, popular fiction, motion pictures, television, visual arts, and popular music relentlessly pound away at us with the same message.
With all the media attention Steady Eddie received it is hardly surprising that Tony Blair has decided to take control of the pound away from Mr George and hand it to a bunch of foreigners who have never even heard of Newcastle.
But to pound away at the idea that one group should be targeted as special sinners deserving of ridicule is not a good moral or strategic policy.
But it's also great for little kids because it can be muted and it's very sturdy -- they can pound away for hours without driving their parents crazy.
I always remember he hung a bag in the garage and I used to pound away on that.
Although Siroed y Gogledd continued to pound away at the Cardiff defence, they were unable to unlock the defence.
Their big lie, on which they pound away in ad after ad on television, is that paycheck protection silences the voices of working people.
Children, little more than toddlers, pound away for seven hours a day.
Quarterback Jeff Garcia and receivers Terrell Owens, Tai Streets and JJ Stokes could get some valuable practice in, while Garrison Hearst and Kevan Barlow pound away on the ground.
So she was outraged to discover she was still a pound away from this week's target weight.