pound along

pound along something

1. Fig. to walk or run along something awkwardly or heavily. As the horse pounded along the street, the rider tried hard to get it to slow down. Tom pounded along the pavement, looking a bit angry.
2. Fig. to tap or hammer along something. The worker pounded along the edge of the roof, looking for rotten places. I pounded along the wall, looking for a stud to nail into.
See also: pound
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Cookies sold for $8 a pound along with a variety of other treats from $3-$6 each.
It has no domestic currency and uses the South African rand, Botswana pula, the euro and British pound along with the dollar.
Radio legend Steve Lamacq describes them rather perfectly as "latter day Fall jostling with the XX Teens; the drums pound along mercilessly, while the sinewy guitar sounds like it's been exhumed from 1979 and the dry staccato vocals stab mantras through the flailing body.
Guinness owners Diageo blamed the weak pound along with volatile commodity prices for their 5.
On balance, this points to a bearish medium-term bias for risky assets and hints that a reversal of the recent rally will invariably bring the British Pound along for the ride.
THESE gorgeous puppies were handed into a dog pound along with 10 other pups - just days after Christmas.
Headed by Governor Mervyn King, the nine-strong MPC is likely to have been swayed by the falling pound along with the strength of high street spending and booming household borrowing.
The falling pound along with the strength of high street spending and household borrowing added weight to the argument to keep rates on hold.
The waves pound along the jetty, shore birds swoop, hardy surfers paddle up and down the channel and the wind, most days, gives you all the reason you could ever need to go home and cuddle up in front of a fire afterward with your warm beverage of choice.
95 per pound along with Cafe Du Monde coffee from New Orleans and Dixie beer.
Other performers include Chuck D and Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Kurupt from The Dogg Pound along with a dozen or more (mostly old school Los Angeles) hip-hop acts will put on a free concert for the residents of Los Angeles' desolate Skid Row district.
It seems only a matter of time before the stock markets experience a rude awakening and begin correcting sharply lower, dragging the Pound along for the ride.
The sands of St Andrews West are probably best known for the famous opening scene in Chariots of Fire, in which runners pound along the sand.
We all want Ireland to get through and if people can make a few pound along the way, great.
The Bank cited the strong pound along with a remarkably steady labour market as reasons for taking a relatively relaxed view about medium-term prospects for inflation.