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But, unwilling to abandon the scheme altogether, he determined to ask his uncle Glegg to venture twenty pounds, on condition of receiving five per cent.
When he gave his promise to his father, he meditated within himself to increase the fortunes of his sisters by the present of a thousand pounds a-piece.
But I would wager four thousand pounds that such a journey, made under these conditions, is impossible.
Though our kind uncle has done something towards clearing him, I cannot believe that ten thousand pounds, or anything like it, has been advanced.
Having thus arranged our Expences for two months (for we expected to make the nine Hundred Pounds last as long) we hastened to London and had the good luck to spend it in 7 weeks and a Day which was 6 Days sooner than we had intended.
The spring was of great power, compared with its dimensions, being capable of raising forty-five pounds upon a barrel of four inches diameter, after the first turn, and gradually increasing as it was wound up.
It's my turn now," said Ferguson--and he put down one hundred and thirty-five pounds to his own account.
If he sold now he would lose altogether hard on three hundred and fifty pounds; and that would leave him only eighty pounds to go on with.
Well," quoth Robin, "they are worth at least five hundred pounds.
Thirty pounds is what he will have to pay the first year, and ten pounds a year after that.
Some one is willing to give fifty pounds to know where you are.
Then, too, thirty of the boys finish their time next week, and their balances will average ten pounds each.
That he knew his business his owners were convinced, or at forty he would not have held command of the Tryapsic, three thousand tons net register, with a cargo capacity of nine thousand tons and valued at fifty-thousand pounds.
The other day, I asked him, in jest, what he would do for a thousand pounds.
This done, there were actually left, between that time and Christmas, liabilities to be met to the extent of forty thousand pounds, without a farthing in hand to pay that formidable debt.