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go potty

1. To become irrational, crazy, eccentric, or addlebrained. Primarily heard in UK. I'll end up going potty if I have to work in this cubicle for one more day!
2. To become very excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in UK. People are going potty for the new art exhibit.
3. To urinate; typically said of, to, or by young children. My three-year-old has started going potty all by herself!
See also: potty

be potty about (something)

To be very excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in UK. I'm absolutely potty about her latest novel!
See also: potty

drive (someone) potty

To make someone particularly annoyed, vexed, or crazy. Primarily heard in UK. I need you to mind the kids for a while, they've been driving me potty all morning!
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1. n. a small toilet. (Usually juvenile.) Mommy, I’ve got to go to the potty.
2. in. to use the toilet. (Always juvenile.) Be sure to potty before we leave.
3. mod. crazy. He got more potty as he grew older.

potty mouth

and toilet mouth
n. someone who uses obscene or profane language in most social settings. (Also a term of address.) That potty mouth is offending people again. Hey, toilet mouth! Watch your language!
See also: mouth, potty

go potty

To defecate or urinate.
See also: potty
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They strive to always exceed their customers' expectations by designing porta potties they would want to use themselves.
MADCAP: Michael Bentine and two of his Potties, The Professor (top) and The Colonel from the episode The Great Potty Escape
Pretty much all that could be seen of the Potties was their hair, beards and bulbous noses, though, in the case of the lady Potties, lustrous eyelashes r e p l a c e d the beards.
Rather ingeniously, when large numbers of Potties were on the m o v e , all you could see was sand being thrown up by their feet, which certainly saved on the puppet-making budget.
They take pride in always delivering like-new porta potties in New York with shiny clean brand new trucks and uniformed trained personnel.
In addition to the Roll 'n' Go PupGear is introducing Pup-Pads(TM), a new line absorbent disposable urine pads to fit the company's complete line of indoor portable dog potty systems, including Pup-Head(TM), Pup-Head(TM) Mini, and Go Spot brand indoor dog potties.
To make sure the potties stay pristine, attendants dressed in Charmin clad tuxedos will clean the restrooms after every use.
The Charmin Restrooms will offer similar accommodations as the "Plush Potties," but offer 20 luxurious bathrooms to the public as a complete interactive family experience.
28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today Charmin unveiled its "Plush Potties for the People" tour in Santa Monica, CA on the Third Street Promenade, where tourists and locals can finally feel clean and comfortable in public restrooms.
Charmin Ultra's Potty Palooza Tour consists of two vehicles -- a 53-foot truck that converts into 27 plush potties, and a 32-foot truck that opens up into 12 lavish loos -- crisscrossing the nation to appear at more than 60 outdoor festivals and fairs in 2003.
Iris is now in talks with companies over marketing the potties.
Feinzilberg received a call from an employee at the US Embassy in Moscow wanting to purchase potties for their travel.