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go potty

1. To become irrational, crazy, eccentric, or addlebrained. Primarily heard in UK. I'll end up going potty if I have to work in this cubicle for one more day!
2. To become very excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in UK. People are going potty for the new art exhibit.
3. To urinate; typically said of, to, or by young children. My three-year-old has started going potty all by herself!
See also: potty

be potty about (something)

To be very excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in UK. I'm absolutely potty about her latest novel!
See also: potty

drive (someone) potty

To make someone particularly annoyed, vexed, or crazy. Primarily heard in UK. I need you to mind the kids for a while, they've been driving me potty all morning!
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1. n. a small toilet. (Usually juvenile.) Mommy, I’ve got to go to the potty.
2. in. to use the toilet. (Always juvenile.) Be sure to potty before we leave.
3. mod. crazy. He got more potty as he grew older.

potty mouth

and toilet mouth
n. someone who uses obscene or profane language in most social settings. (Also a term of address.) That potty mouth is offending people again. Hey, toilet mouth! Watch your language!
See also: mouth, potty

go potty

To defecate or urinate.
See also: potty
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