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pot luck

1. A situation or circumstance in which the outcome is uncertain but where one takes a chance in the hopes of achieving a fortunate or beneficial end result. (Used especially in the phrase "take pot luck.") I like to just take pot luck when I travel to new cities and try out whatever local establishments I happen upon. I love going into old antique stores. I know finding something worthwhile is just a bit of pot luck, but it's fun to see all the old things they have!
2. (More often "potluck.") A shared meal in which separate dishes are prepared and/or brought by different individuals; the food that is brought to such a meal. Primarily heard in US. Sarah and I are hosting a pot luck this Saturday, and you are both welcome to join us! Just bring something that we can all share! Potluck dinners are a great way for neighbors or groups of friends to spend time together or get to know each other better. We're just asking guests to bring a bit of pot-luck, nothing fancy!
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be pot luck

To be a casual meal in which nothing has been prepared in advance. The phrase refers to a "potluck": a shared meal in which separate dishes are prepared and/or brought by different individuals. Primarily heard in US. I hope you can join us for dinner on Saturday—it'll be pot luck, so just bring something that we can all share!
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take potluck

Come to eat whatever happens to be served; also, take one's chances. For example, You're welcome to join us for supper but you'll have to take potluck, or When the flight was canceled, passengers had to take potluck on other airlines. This idiom alludes to accepting whatever happens to be in the cooking pot. [Second half of 1700s]
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be pot luck

If you ask someone to have a meal at your house and you tell them it will be pot luck, you mean that you have not planned it or prepared any special food. Note: `Pot luck' is usually written as `potluck' in American English. `We'll just be casual and eat in the kitchen. It's just pot luck,' Moira said. `Hope you don't mind.' Note: A potluck is a meal at which different guests bring different parts of the meal.
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meeting will be followed by music, a potluck at noon and more music until 4 p.
The potluck dinner will be highlighted by presentations to help us express gratitude with friends and neighbors.
Lagasse is a member of the balance-the-menu potluck school.
A turkey cooked to perfection within an hour sounds like the perfect dish to be the center of attention at a potluck dinner on Thanksgiving.
Crunchy nachos with extra cheesy dip are always a good idea for a potluck,' says Albert Alavera, managing director of Burgoo.
District 16 started the fall with our annual potluck in August.
If success to you at the end of the evening involves bringing people together and creating community around the table, consider keeping it a simple potluck.
Beautifully illustrated and offering complete party and menu plans that include: Country Cozy Fried Chicken Picnic; Lovely Little Lunch on the Porch; Muffins for Moms Recipe Exchange; Backyard BBQ Family Reunion; Easter Bunny Brunch; Patriotic Porch party; Neighborhood Potluck Gathering; It's Tailgate Time
Friday during the monthly potluck by the Obisdians (potluck begins at 6:30 p.
Valentine's Day potluck buffet dance with Through Back to the 60's Band.
14 ( ANI ): Facebook has reportedly acquired link-sharing service Branch and its sister service Potluck for a deal priced at around 15 million dollars.
com)-- Personal Mastery Martial Arts recently celebrated their 17 year anniversary by hosting a potluck and pool party event for all of their martial arts students, Kickboxing clients, and their families.
QUESTION: "I'm planning to host a vegan potluck and wondered if there were things that I should be aware of in terms of food safety.
Three years ago, a core group of 14 parishioners "pulled out all the stops" for Back to Church Sunday--delivering invitations, putting up posters, scrubbing the church from top to bottom, polishing the brass, planning special music for the service and a potluck for after the service.