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Then sweeping away all the embers, I set down my loaf or loaves, and whelming down the earthen pot upon them, drew the embers all round the outside of the pot, to keep in and add to the heat; and thus as well as in the best oven in the world, I baked my barley-loaves, and became in little time a good pastrycook into the bargain; for I made myself several cakes and puddings of the rice; but I made no pies, neither had I anything to put into them supposing I had, except the flesh either of fowls or goats.
However, considering the heat of the climate, I did not doubt but if I could find out any clay, I might make some pots that might, being dried in the sun, be hard enough and strong enough to bear handling, and to hold anything that was dry, and required to be kept so; and as this was necessary in the preparing corn, meal, &c.
Though I miscarried so much in my design for large pots, yet I made several smaller things with better success; such as little round pots, flat dishes, pitchers, and pipkins, and any things my hand turned to; and the heat of the sun baked them quite hard.
I had no notion of a kiln, such as the potters burn in, or of glazing them with lead, though I had some lead to do it with; but I placed three large pipkins and two or three pots in a pile, one upon another, and placed my firewood all round it, with a great heap of embers under them.
I don't know of what sort I am," returned Sancho, "but I know very well I'll never get such elegant skimmings off Basilio's pots as these I have got off Camacho's;" and he showed him the bucketful of geese and hens, and seizing one began to eat with great gaiety and appetite, saying, "A fig for the accomplishments of Basilio
Franchisees Charlie LaRosa and Mike and Kim Hughes have owned The Melting Pot in Center City, Philadelphia, for the past 10 years and are now relocating the restaurant to Maple Shade.
3DEEP BED Create a deep bed with a few planks or in a deep pot.
Grimm said she's working to set up a Lane County plastic-pot clearinghouse, where people, groups or companies that have or want the pots can make their needs known.
who asked for change with a cup asks the man who bought the pot for
A simple pinch pot can be made pushing your thumb into a ball of clay and gently squeezing the ball to hollow it out.
The resulting 3D map of the root's structure stretching to the outer limits of the pot shows, for the first time, exactly how restricted potted plants are.
As expected, England are among the top seeds, placed in Pot One, but France are in Pot Two, with the likes of Russia and Sweden.
99 for 10 single serve sachets, but Pate said the pots would compete primarily with other on-the-go breakfast options such as rival pot porridges and general morning goods rather than instant or standard porridge options.
The small, single Air Pot Station is 16-1/2" wide x 12-1/2" deep and provides space for one air pot, divided condiment organizer, one stainless steel drip tray and one air pot riser.
Retention levels as bycatch vary from about 5% in the pot gear fishery for shrimp in southeast Alaska to about 20% in the state groundfish fisheries.