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Here two or three of the leading partners from Montreal proceeded once a year to meet the partners from the various trading posts of the wilderness, to discuss the affairs of the company during the preceding year, and to arrange plans for the future.
The house swarmed at this time with traders and voyageurs, some from Montreal, bound to the interior posts; some from the interior posts, bound to Montreal.
Jealousy and the ambition and intrigue of another officer had lost him the favor of his emperor, and he had been detailed to this frontier post as a mark of his sovereign's displeasure.
I had been a prisoner at the little frontier post for over a month, when orders came to Colonel Belik to hasten to the eastern frontier with the major portion of his command, leaving only one troop to garrison the fort.
Often we passed small posts similar to that at which the colonel's regiment had been quartered, finding in each instance that only a single company or troop remained for defence, the balance having been withdrawn toward the northeast, in the same direction in which we were moving.
The old street sweeper at my elbow told me that these were the gifts brought in from the far outlying districts by the commanding officers of the frontier posts.
From the south they brought rugs and ornaments and jewels; from the west, slaves; for the commanding officers of the western frontier posts had naught else to bring.
The most serious fact is that Monsieur Darzac was, at the very same time that his double presented himself at the Post Office, scheduled for a lecture at the Sorbonne.
As those within hastily closed the windows and the doors, they urged him by looks and signs to fly without loss of time, and called to him many times to do so; but he only shook his head indignantly in answer, and stood the firmer on his post.
An official said that the number of post offices has been reduced from 80 to 56 in the Rawalpindi city and 24 post offices have been merged with central post offices or those post offices located in safe areas.
Abu Dhabi Central Post Office and Humdan Post Office in Abu Dhabi; in Dubai, Dubai Central Post Office and Al Khor Post Office; in Sharjah, Sharjah Central Post Office, Ghuwair Post Office and Khorfakkan Post Office.
Only main post offices will be open from 9am to 1pm from August 17 to the third day of Eid on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.
It took me about 20 years after Vietnam to become a member,'' said Chuck Sweeney, commander of Post 6885, located just up the road from Post 6110.
The Chronicle revealed earlier this week how the Post Office was planning the drastic action in a bid to ward off bad debts.
It will cause the post player to commit fouls for pushing off or charging into the weakside defender.