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pose a question

to ask a question; to imply the need for asking a question. Genetic research poses many ethical questions. My interviewer posed a hypothetical question.
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pose as someone

to pretend to be someone else. The impostor posed as the president of the company. My twin posed as me while I went on vacation.
See also: pose

pose as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a type of person. I posed as Gerald and got the job. I posed as a nurse and got a job at a summer camp.
See also: pose

pose for someone or something

to assume a posture appropriate to the subject of a photograph or painting. Paul wanted me to pose for him, but I declined. Will you pose for my painting?
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strike a pose

to position oneself in a certain posture. Bob struck a pose in front of the mirror to see how much he had bulked up. Lisa walked into the room and struck a pose, hoping she would be noticed.
See also: pose, strike

strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
See also: attitude, pose, strike
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And the client would say, 'OK, today is sexy pose or today is natural.
Like "real" yoga classes, however little time we have, Army Crew Yoga ends with Shavasana or Corpse Pose.
Generally she avoids poses that uncomfortably strain her knees, such as Virasana, or "hero pose," which requires kneeling with the knees together but the feet on the outsides of the hips.
To help runners stay injury-free and increase their speed and endurance, Accelerated Physical Therapy has adopted a new, specialized running program called "Love to Run(TM)," which includes utilization of the Pose Method, a technique that teaches runners how to more actively use gravity in order to become more efficient.
Establishment of a list of qualified candidates to work poses gas pipes or mixed exposures (gas or gas and electric cables and / or conduits for fiber optic lines pipes) - the replacement of steel pipes, asbestos or cast iron pipes PE or steel (including connections) and poses cable - works extensions gas network and cable.
Each of the six poses has about 30 different commands for improvement based on a dozen rules deemed essential for each yoga position.
TAKE A BOW P Diddy held a yacht party HARD TO Z BEAT Stewart and Dunst promote On the Road BIG JHIT Pop pixie Kylie in Cannes GOLDEN GIRL J Model Kelly Brook strikes a sexy pose with the sailors
Ashtanga: The ashtanga practice is characterized by performing the same set of poses in sequence every class.
We talk about how different poses strike us differently depending on our present mood and physical condition, but that it's the practice as a whole that is most important.
Many yoga poses look way too difficult for a person who may have weak muscles, reduced flexibility, limited mobility, muscle spasms, and not much energy.
Q: Do you think radical Islam poses a threat to the well-being of gays and lesbians in the United States?
I was just modeling, thinking of as many different poses as possible.
From standing, seated and floor poses to resolving common posing problems, it's packed with plenty of color photo examples.
Stephen Morse, a professor of law and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, played common-sense curmudgeon to Greene's brash visionary, flatly stating that for now the new neuroscience poses no more of a challenge to problems of morality and law than psychology or sociology--or astrology, for that matter.
Lori's routine focuses on breathing, relaxation, and gentle standing poses for strength and balance.