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A stunning poser who failed to hit the off-court jackpot.
Effervescent British host Alexandra Aitken, a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and media personality, will fly around Los Angeles in search of posers.
And the poser sups whatever is trendy, while the adapter will change according to the setting, sticking to lager in town and beer in country inns.
Jackpot: 50p per entry, win pounds 20 to the closest answer to a random poser.
The difficulty on the night we attended was the acoustics were poor and as a consequence many posers had to be repeated at the end of each round.
Cause you'll sell your piss-poor mag to all the uprising posers who change 10 times before going out to skate and shower regularly.
So if you played your joker (for double points) on this round, 50 points were available on showbusiness posers and a total of 71 was enough to win.
It's also got some skating, including a rant called "A Definition of a Skater" that starts out with "Skateboarding is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle," and follows through with a straight-outta-the-early-'80s punks versus posers diatribe.
Certainly the quality of the posers was good and very typical of those set in other venues which achieve the right standards.
10 posers, not my favourite, but very trivial as was the nighfs theme.
ROUND: Picture round, a good mix of 15 photos to identify ROUND 2: 10 general knowledge posers which were more difficult than the norm.
But I would assume the product is bought in, as were Rod setting the posers this would be a simple and obvious change to make.
First Nathan, thanks for pointing out to all the posers out there (Tim Stockdale being one of them) that POD is not a skate band.
Four posers and the fifth is the connection with the other four.
Posers in convertibles were voted most laughable thing on the road in a survey by Wild Bean CafA into how we entertain ourselves in the car.