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pose a question

to ask a question; to imply the need for asking a question. Genetic research poses many ethical questions. My interviewer posed a hypothetical question.
See also: pose, question

pose as someone

to pretend to be someone else. The impostor posed as the president of the company. My twin posed as me while I went on vacation.
See also: pose

pose as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a type of person. I posed as Gerald and got the job. I posed as a nurse and got a job at a summer camp.
See also: pose

pose for someone or something

to assume a posture appropriate to the subject of a photograph or painting. Paul wanted me to pose for him, but I declined. Will you pose for my painting?
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strike a pose

to position oneself in a certain posture. Bob struck a pose in front of the mirror to see how much he had bulked up. Lisa walked into the room and struck a pose, hoping she would be noticed.
See also: pose, strike

strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
See also: attitude, pose, strike
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2] students showed high ability in problem posing, relatively moderate to high efficacy beliefs in problem posing as well as with respect to complexity of the problems posed.
The examples below illustrate some typical examples of problems posed when students inserted additional structure (brackets).
We also asked students to recall our advertising curriculum; as such, we posed broad questions such as "What are the purposes of advertising?
Examples include the Elliot and Prymer cases noted herein where both subjects were handcuffed and in custody when they posed a threat to the arresting officers.
In addition, risks posed by noninhalation pathways, such as ingestion or dermal absorption, are not included in the risk assessment, nor are many risks from indoor exposures or from sources such as agriculture operations.
From every other non-tax policy perspective, the elimination of the health hazards posed by environmental contamination is a national priority.
As part of this session, Szerszen and Geldman will explain the security risks posed by the use of removable storage media and present studies that demonstrate loss or theft of devices as the most common cause of security incidents when information is removed from the enterprise.
Rounding off the "Special K" list, Kristen Stewart and On the Road co-star Kirsten Dunst were all smiles when they posed for the Press.
Refaeli, 24, who did the photo shoot for Interview magazine, posed with Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino, Paul (Pauly D) Delvecchio, Ronnie Magro and Vinny Guadagnino.
March), who posed slightly clothed with Andrew Bynum.
agencies in many countries use to calculate the risks posed by dioxins and dioxinlike chemicals, which include furans and some PCBs.
Carroll dressed Alice as a "picturesque" beggar in imitation of the work of Oscar Rejlander, an early professional photographer who often posed his models as urchins.
All the images in this exhibition blur the boundaries between public and private moments, between voyeurism and innocent observation on the part of the photographer/viewer, and between distinctions as to whether the girls depicted are acting naturally, being posed, self-consciously posing themselves, or, more strangely, naturally assuming artificial poses.
Posed pictures of smiling people pretending to work are contrivances.
In a press conference today at Washington National Airport, Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for TSA, Kip Hawley, noted that the agency had completed significant research into the threat posed by liquid explosives and acknowledged the need to make travel as easy as possible for passengers within the framework of securing the air travel system.